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Happy Birthday[profile] knight0fswords!
You are an incredible person, and I'm very glad to had meet you. myspace graphic comments


Myspace Happy Birthday Comments & Graphics
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Happy birthday SHIV, hope you have great day

Plot bunnie

Feb. 1st, 2005 09:40 am
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Reading [ profile] pigwidgeon37 post about Dumblodore’s title as 'Supreme Mugwump' and the quote to “Naked Lunch” reminds me of Borges. He loves creating new worlds steping on common sense, but in a way you could believe it. He use scholar language to do so. (Not different of what thesis work is, created an internally valid world)
Borges here )

Beta day

Oct. 13th, 2004 08:03 pm
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Ufff! I almost miss it.
Thanks to all the people that had beta for me this year. For such a little production I’ve pester you all a lot!. I’ll be for ever grateful, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t dare to write in an other language.
Rosmerta from WIKTT, who beta for me "A nightly Story", she was guilty of actually made me write.
[ profile] ladyclover and [ profile] telosphilos ; wich help me with my attempt to novel fic. Girls you are awsome!
[ profile] bleodswean; Wich understanding of magic is so especial that I felt touched, "The golden apples" was inspired in her.
[ profile] scatteredlogic , for her kind and constructive way of offerng critique and the necessary edit and to her sister [ profile] knight0fswords, they both had help to made my [ profile] 30minutefics entries something better.
And everyone else that had help me with useful and kind comments: Especially Driedplums from Le Café Dangereuse, [ profile] shiv5468 and [ profile] junediamanti. Thanks, you are great.
Your patience with me, this verb tense killer, amazed me.
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Today was first work day after independence hollydays. When I was a student it never cross my mind that teacher could have school phobia too.
Students were Ok, their hangover faces speak volumes. They didin't concentrate much on Piere Bourdieu theory. They were more concern in napping. I felt like Binns today.

I really didn't want to return. No,no, no. But I did. Hellish university didn't pay our salary. It was suppoused to be the 14, but U was closed for vacations!. Today they said the check would be ready on October 5!!!!! They will pay us two month together, big consolation. Hubby an I work together there, so you could picture our financces state.

Mr. Dean: I have the bad habit of feeding my family daily!.

Hate them, trully does. Now the bank is calling me, and I only smile sweetly and ask them to wait me. (As if they care).
Well, time to look for other U. This one pay well but is a hell of annal retentives righties that look professors as cheap workers.

My net connection keep going down, want to kick my PC.

In a more cheering topic, boy has a speech tomorrow: The snake. Everybody help as, even Ann (Ozratbag) send me links of australian snakes. Now the guy is little Snake know it all, but what concern him more, is to tell the teacher that "basilistic petrified people, and is the more scary snake of all". GOOD.


Jul. 21st, 2004 07:39 pm
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Do anybody know if Susana pigwedgeon37 and azraelgeffen are ok?
Just checking on them.
Freudian Inventory Results
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Hey, Mums

Jul. 15th, 2004 12:41 pm
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[ profile] leogryffin has created a great project for mums and dads.


Jul. 11th, 2004 06:36 pm
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Rickmans brief or boxers?

Could you belive a thread like that?

Please, this week fandom has been awfull.

Since when I'm such a snobbish? But please, that and the rudness, and name calling. Insulting the authors, having a "client" attitude towards the fics...So childish.

If an author as [ profile] kalinalea said she wont be finishing her fic. What's the great deal? At least she has been polite enough as to announce the reasons and warn the readers. I would have like to seen that fic finished, same with [ profile] pigwidgeon37 TSO , but, please that it is not a reason for star accusing people of lack of ethics (snort).

Thanks La Guera for Favour conceed.

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This fun quiz by ellemoonshine - Taken 64 Times.
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Jul. 8th, 2004 02:14 am
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I take this from [ profile] remmirath.
She has the insolence of being born on 1988! Important year in Chile, because we have the first free elections in 19 years (bye, bye Pinochet)
To add injure to my own, I could tell that I use messanger for the first time in my life (appart from a wiktt chat). I felt so dummie. And nervous. And stupid. Well,to my defense: I was born almost 34 years ago (I have a few days more in the 33 and pretend to enjoy them). Thanks [ profile] telosphilos for your patience!.
Even if this test is etnocentric, it's fun.

What happend the year you were born )

In other front I'm reading Foucault, "Self technologies"(?), I'm translating from spanish.
Me and my psycho aproach to episteme: I have a christian soul, with a modern heart and a post modern brain.
I have a thesis to finish, will I do it with my soul, heart or brain?
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Ok, I have this game. My PC is at the second floor. All the rooms at the first.

So, each time that I decided to work upstairs, I count how long could I get before any of the kids yell:

"Muuuuuuuuum, could you please come down?"

Six steps is the "earliest" record.

Need to hold on, they are already yelling.

Unseen. Chapter 1: Stairs )

I would really apreciate your comments and criticism.
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Ok. I finish chapter one. Contact Telosphilos to send her the file, once grammar betaed, I'll send it to Lady Clover for plot and charachters check, finally to my Fibro betas. Then I'll post here only for my friends to comment.
I've just discover I have such a bourocratic soul! Fudge would be proud of me ;)
I found out that having good music helps my muse.
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Hubby was badly injured after a football match. A ball “landed” in his eye, which is pretty bruised and look awful.
He refused to visit the doctor. But, I’m not a bitch for nothing, so I dragged him to the hospital. In the way, he told me over and over again, the story as it was a kind of saga and he, the brave knight. Men!
I can’t understand how, my husband, a nice, tender, caring, intelligent man, could have, every mow and then, this regressions to the “macho” stage of evolution.

Staying at the hospital till 3:00 AM did nothing good to my creaky joints. Fibro sucks!

I am planning in write a fic. I decide to make a fibromialgic Hermione. As I don’t want it to be Mary Sue, neither speak based only in my experience I post in a FMS LJ community, asking a few personal questions about the disease. Most of they were pretty kind and gentle in sharing their experience. A few were quite aggressive, may be is cultural way of express. Who knows.

They assume I was healthy person trying to talk about something I have no idea. I know that people is tired of not being understand in their disease, that could explain the reaction. I don’t tend to tell I have FMS in RL too. They also tell me that I couldn’t expect to talk for all of them. Please! It wasn’t that I decided to be their lieder or take the FMS flag up. It was just a fic, to post in fandom, based on personal experience. I was just researching a bit (triangulating the data). They also send me to learn English first.

In a way,it is fair play, I know my grammar an spelling sucks. I am planning to have a beta, as I do with my other ficlet. What impress me, is the aggressive style in communicate through cyber space. Why start battles, isn’t enough to struggle in real life on daily basis. Just. don’t. get. it

Soon enough I will ask for suggestions and help with the fic. Be aware!

In a light spot, Lady Clover up dated Polylove again. Yippee! It’s quite good answer to my Polylove challenge. More as how I envisioned. I know Terrible Temptation is quite popular, but I like this the most.

Yesterday night, before hubby’s injured arrival, I spend it reading Ordinary People. I don’t know why, but at some point during the progress of that fic, I dropped it. Now, I pick it and I’m truly fascinated. What I like the most, apart of the written style, is the scandal. I don’t know why authors don’t explore that path more often.

Well, time for a nap, my body deserves it.

Athenea jr

May. 26th, 2004 02:08 pm
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This lovely little lioness is my daughter. Athenea jr (not her real name).
She is lovely, isn't she?.
Today was a good day in fic terms, Cloak of Courage with a very good chapter, a powerfull one in terms of imagenes and emotions.
Kalinalea updated her DM, you could touch the tension in that chapter.
Well, two o clock, I have a class to prepare, a paper to write and a whole book to read. I'm not gone a make it. Blame Wendynat and Kalinalea!
(They have done nothing but is good to have someone to blame)


Apr. 26th, 2004 10:57 pm
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Ok, girls, I take this from Rilla

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

In the FMS front )</ lj-cut>


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