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As I have nothing better to do *cough* Thesis *cough*;

I was wondering about Dementors sucking one's soul.
Betting for the non existent of such soul.

Letting materialistic ontology aside, plus other religion traditions I don't know enough about them, this are the antecedents that will precede my question:

1.Soul is a Greek concept, so is a knowledge with a very precise cultural tradition, that means a dualist way of understanding humankind.

2. Biblical tradition; Torah, Marcos, Luke, Mathew and John don't have that concept too. They talk of the heart, not in the fluffy way of Some Valentine, but as the center of human being. Heart as a sentient part of men and women in which cognitive, emotional and spiritual are one. Knowledge means being wise not erudite. A monist way of looking the humankind. I don't know how the Hebrew tradition elaborate it since then.

3. Was Saint Agustin which start the dualist tradition of body and soul in Christianity, but is not cannon neither dogma. Yet is part of christian tradition.

4. Neurobiology could explain our internal proceses in a different way. We are an embodied mind.

So accepting this premises; and with the knowledge that Dementor’s presence cause this effects:

1. Something like a panic attack (Harry at the train; Dudley at the street)
2. Deep sadness (Depression?)
3. Chocolate help’s to felt better (Helping neurones through serotonine?)

Here are my questions:

1.What does Dementors suck?;
2.Exactly what do you think the Dementor kiss is?
3.Could it be a neurobiology explanation for this process?
4.If so, could there be a way to reverse such process?
5.Could the word Dementor come form Dementia or Demented? (A very tricky concepts that ones)

A plot bunny is bodering me but I would like to have this questions discussed.


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