Dec. 28th, 2007 07:39 pm
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I bought my self a new cell phone. I wanted to have the "bewitcht the mind, ensnare the senses" ringtone. Could you point me into the right direction?
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Fluff recs please? I want to end the fic exclaiming Awwwww!.
Too much shit in real life.


Nov. 5th, 2007 11:24 am
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I'm suffering a severe case of fanfic contamination. So, would you please help me with this:

Which is the cannon "end" of the Patil Twins? (if there is any)

Did they survived, die, turn into death eaters, became nuns?
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Does anyone remeber the name of Nicholas Flamel Wife?


Sep. 24th, 2007 06:20 am
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Sometimes I felt some authors don't known the full stop just the joining comma. So their fics tend to be an endless sum of actions with neither pertinence, coherence or consistency.

I was reading this fantastic fic that suddenly turn into a crappy soap opera. As if the author didn’t want to end the fic so started just adding "action" at random.
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Could wizards and witches be considered fairies?

In Spanish is unthinkable, but it seems the word fairy has a narrow meaning in my language than in English.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Of course my dreams of an uniterruped reading was asking to much. Not because of my kids but for my boss and his evil kickside who asked me to go to the office on Saturday morning, meaning I was at Santiago at 18 hrs not 10 in the morning at first planned.

Still, there are lot of passages I TRULLY enjoy.

Will go spoiler hunting and making comments on your journals.
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For more HP cartoons
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Today Shiv and I discuss the "redemption" fantasy in fandom. You know: Good girl redeems bad guy with her tender love, is very likely that bad guy will emotionally abuse good girl.Don't you think?

Shiv joked about Neville/Bellatrix, as simil of Snape/Hermione; and she mentioned how Bella would destroy Neville (eat him was her wording. Does eaing has any sexual conotation in English, in Chile is very explicit).

And that is how started, I'm craving for a Neville/Bellatrix vignette. *insert puppy eyes look*; would someone of you ladies be nice enough with me?



I posted a challenge at WIKTT, the topic is abuse. Of course after I posted it I realized LOTS of grammar mistakes. Grrr.

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PS: my "I'm crap" mood, was just that: a mood. Common sense has arrive once more.
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What if Harry goes to the room of requirement and ask for the rest of the Horcruxes? I mean, why bother with 600 or more pages if it could be solve in the first paragraph?
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I need to download the Hogwarts crest, the one in the robes. Any link? I need it to make iron on transfers, so it needs to be a clear picture.

Thanks a lot.

I think Athena has a very clear idea of her gift. My little spy I'm angry/amused with her.
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Taken from
May be I'm late with this, I'm no Rita:
(Dan Ratcliff answering here)

Do you hate Alan Rickman's character Severus Snape as much as I do now after reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?Wow!

You just don't know. If you'd read the first book, and somebody had told you what was going to happen in the fourth, you would never have believed them. But by the time you get to the fourth, there is an utterly logical and satisfactory explanation for everything that happens. If anyone's gonna come up with Snake being a double double double double spy and make it believable, it will be J.K. Rowling.

You've speculated that Harry might not get out of the whole thing alive. I don't know if that was before you read the sixth book. Now I don't see how he can handle Voldemort on his own.

Really? I think there has got to have been something between Snape and Harry's mum in it. I don't know that for sure. But I mean, based on what you sort of seeing in the fifth book, I think there was something more to their relationship. I certainly think you're right, and I'm not sure Harry could take him on alone, unless there's a very big event that really hardens Harry and strengthens him halfway through the seventh. I don't think he's a powerful enough wizard. Maybe that will be Snape's redeeming quality!
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Are you aware that a quick search at google of the words "insufferable" and "know-it-all" and "hermione" throw 2.140 links?

It's time for fanfic Snape to look for more original epitets to describe his soon to be fanon love.

PS: To be fair with our beloved potion master, if you add Snape to the search it reduce to ONLY 1.530 links.
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Have you ever read a very very bad fic, what ever your standars are, but oddly enough can't stop reading it?

I'm catch with this horrible plot full of cliches. Not only a Granger; with a rape Hermione that continue rising her child and send it to Hogwarts and the boy start realizing who his father is. Is terrible writen too. I had read some amezing stories with similar pattern, but this is BAD.

Also I read Mundungus "The Trail of the Black Star ", well writen, but totally offensive to my people. Not a single honest or smart latin. All were corrupt, not efficient, robbers, etc. Is that the way first world see us?

Cyberdummie question:

Is it safe to download a song by MP3?
How do you do it?

I want to download Luchin by Victor Jara, but The sites make me be afraid of giving my datas.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 10:45 pm
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We like their eyes black and brown; not onyx, ebony, chocolate dark, honey do know what or any other awful description fan writers can make.
We have speak.
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Congrats to all Multifaceted Awards winners.

Plot bunnie

Feb. 1st, 2005 09:40 am
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Reading [ profile] pigwidgeon37 post about Dumblodore’s title as 'Supreme Mugwump' and the quote to “Naked Lunch” reminds me of Borges. He loves creating new worlds steping on common sense, but in a way you could believe it. He use scholar language to do so. (Not different of what thesis work is, created an internally valid world)
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Three fights with hubby in three days. A record. Not one I like.
But we are both tense. I hate what money could do to couples. Is not the money for it self but the stress of it.
Sometimes the virtue of the ones you love could be turned into vices. At least that is what happening to me at the time. Víctor is the most caring, generous and comunitary person I ever met, and that is irritaiting me the hell out of it!
At this moment I don't need him playing Mother Theresa with the world, I need him supporting ME and taking care of the house logistics.
We are broken, BROKEN, but he invite the workmen (long story) to drink bear on Friday, to lunch here yesterday (That was avoided because evil wife schreeked like a bangee) and to eat chineese food at a restaurant tonight AND he is anoyed with me because I am in a mood about all this.
He also (and I acepted this more gracefully) comitted to take his dad to doctor apointment and some exams for several days. WEll my father in law is old, he can't move alone, well it is ok to do that, even if he had four more sisters. But Mordor is just at the other side of the city, so he need to wake at six to reach my in law every day. Then get to the other side, and finally take him back. Yesterday we ran out of gas and had no more money for it, pretty, isn't it? Mercifully my sister in law lend us money. LEND us, for taking care of my in law, is her Dad too!. Grrrrrr.
Even my mum is abusing him. She bought an old appartment and he is completly re making it for free! He start working before christmas. He is in his hollydays for God sake! Last year was the need of making some rooms at my sister in laws house soo my monsters in law could leave there (fair); the year before that one was the house of a very loved friends, wich was eaten by those flying ants that eat wood (no idea the english name). So Victor re build their house. I like that, I hate that at the same time.
I mean, this saint complex is getting me tired. I love him (that is out of the question) but I need to end my thesis, this month. And is not politicallly correct for me to complain, because he is "so goooooood". That is the Greek choir every friend said every time I complain. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank God fandom brought me some good updates to cheer up.
Az I ougth you not only the lovely term: monster in law, but the Sauron and Mordor mental pictures (Now all my RL friends are refering to their monster in law as Sauron)AND the updated of Objects in a shitty day

Is good to bitch, I felt re new after this post. Thanks.
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Falling Further In has been updated. That fic was sort of an obssession for me looong ago, but has any sense to read a chapter risking a 12 month waiting for the next?. I think I'll wait till is finished, if is ever finish.


Wrote to my sister, and she suported me: Mum could be a passive agressive bitch at times (pity each time is closer and closer). Now what do I do with that piece of information?. I certainly don't want to leave dancing to her tune the rest of my life, but I dont want to run to Europe like my sister did. I live ten blocks from her and I love her dearly. Why emotions are so complicated?

I wonder now if part of my problems with my monster in law (Lovely term stolen from AZ) aren't in a way a proyection with my problems with mum. Both are passive agressives bitchs.


In parenthood front: Both kids were arguing:
Me: - Stop fighting right now.
Them: - Is not fighting, just discussing.
Me: Grmphph.
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Today was my first free Saturday. Weeeeee. No work.
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