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Ok. This was supoussed to be an essay day, hubby would do it alone AND I will just beta and review for him. But, today his mum was send to the hospital with pneumonia, the man who fix the car (yes, it was still out of order) call saying that it is fix and the bill is..., how to phrase it? Scandalous, we just don't have that much. We are paying my son hospital's bill, and dealing with the consecuenses of the dicrease of job we have this semester. So he is in a pitifull state. And of course, he let the essay to the very last date.

But I'm a grown up now. I let him battle alone,I take charge of the kids. Now I read his introduction to the essay, which is pretty good (is not a problem of knowing, he just get too nervous). Now, in a very motherly way (hate it, I`m his wife, not Molly Weasley) I divided the rest of the work in three more little and handle tasks. While he do it, kids will be sleeping and I will leave to a meet some friends. When I return, I told him I expect him to give me the tasks I ask him, we will discuss it, and I will help him in the writting of his ideas.

Not the ideal situation, but much more better than other days, I'm improving in the "NO" compartiment.It is better because, I am helping him, but he is doing his own work, he can, I know that, I`ve seen his work before. Now, If I only could abducted him to the therapyst I will be in the glory.

In the Fibromyalgia front, things are so & so, better than last year at this month but worst as it was in summer. Must ask if there is a relation between sintoms and autumm/winter time. Also, I was having a very strict diet, wich I drop (lazzy, lazzy me) and I think I might be paying the consecuenses. Diet was good.

In the fic arena there are two answer to my challenge, one of them is pretty good, so good that I quit writting mine. The other one is from a new author, and I bet she is a teen. She will need encouragement.

Dear Stranger:

I love making challenges, maybe is because I dont dare to write fics in english, and I'm always having bunnies in my head.
Next one will be something in the line of "Dumbledore's rage", the school reaction to this teacher relation thingy. I'm ploting the challenge conditions: Any suggestions, they are wellcome and will be correctly adress.

Corazon send a message today consernig LaLS, I never like that site to much, my inner snob find it a little to smut and kitsch. But what pick my attention is the fact that people fight arround this fic thing. Really, I can`t get it.

In the same line, soon they will change WIKTT front page picture (Thank GOD), but I`m minority, the pics I like are rarely the ones that wins.

Well, not such a bad day for being "dark essay day".


May. 23rd, 2004 10:47 pm
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Ok. Few decisions taken:
1. We call the man who fixs cars(?) and tell him to send the car back. It will be expensive but not as expensive as to fix the car right now. Most probable we will have it park in the garden till next semester (In wich we expect to have more money)
2. Mum, is at Barcelona. Whine to Daddy (Yes, I now, I´m Daddy's little girl) and he give me the keys of my mum car. She will be fourious, je. But is winter, and kids leave at 7:10 AM to school. It's for their health.
3.I post a challenge at wiktt. I'm a challenge nut's. As I'm not able to writte in English as fluently as i would like, I spend my time uploading challenges.
my challenges )

I'm capable of writing a fic in spanish, there are HP fandom in latin america, but english has become my fantazie language. I even day dream in english. Spanish, is the RL language. It just dont felt right to mix both worlds. Odd, isn't it?
Maybe some day I will answer my own challenge, I have the plots in my head anyway.

Now here my ficlet )

Tell me what you think. But remember: it's not mine, is an adaptation.


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