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Has anyone read Wicked? I'm dying tpo comment about it.

Because Im in love with the first charecter Elphaba. I really felt she is Snape alter ego.
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I'm enjoying "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West". I'm now in the search of a wicked fandom.

I highly rec this one.
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We are packing the books.

I felt this is the never ending library.

Will I ever have settled bookshelfs?

This poor books move more often than the Hogwarts stairs.

In any case the idea is to start packing slowly. First the second floor: guest's room and library. I will leave only my thesis realted books and my PC.

We will left the kids library for the last, we don't want to disrupt their rutine.

So DVD, Cd's and my theology books, novels, poetry and myths are well locked in boxes. Snif. TOmorrow will be the turn of the rest of Social Sciences books. I'm a biased person, I might have one Stats book, two or three biology ones and that is all for Natural Sciences.

We are packing a bit earlier, we are moving in February, but we didn't want to rush and stress over this.

The kids have a lot of fun marking the boxes. Athena exclaimed: "This is much better than cleaning our room".


Did I ever told you I hate "her chocolate eyes". Brrr. Caramel is as bad too. Poor Hermione, when would fan writers respect her eyes?.
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Virtually fall into a books sale of ARRAYAN, wich represent a lot of expensives europeans publishing houses.

Found Imre Lakatos' "The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes" for only 14 bucks. At least 50% least of the usual price; it's a dificult book to find in Chile. Just couldn't resist it.

Pet book. I know I shouldn't but I hadn't bought a book since Half Blooded Prince and that doesn't counts.
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My little (former little) USA cousin has a new business and it seems that things are going pretty well for him. He created college guides:
Is odd how you realized your age when the "little ones" becomes adults.

Today we have a school flea market. My daughter sell all day. And she invest her money in three books. I'm PROUD. VERY PROUD.
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Yesterday It was a good day after all.
My Mastery students has organized a barbecue because it was our last class.
They were truly nice, and told very cute things about me and my teaching style, also I must confess I'm very shy and prude to this kind of public demonstration of affection (Not very latin of me, isn't it?).
At the same time I was feeling very odd being on a party the 11. But I couldn't decline the invitation. I will miss this class, we get along very well, and felt they help me to articulate my pedagogical discourse.

In the afternoon hubby and I went to bed and watch to great programs about both 9/11 (19973 & 2001), It made me cry.
At night things were quite calm, usually 9/11/73 remembrance brings a lot of violence between poor teens (I really don't know why, they weren't even born, and I'm not sure if they understand the politics implictions of the date, a matter for a in depth study).

I'm used to hear gun shots, bombs, cries and police repression. I live at the andes feet, across a "river" there is a very poor population, there is where the violence take place. The sounds cross the valley and echoed in the mountain, so I listen to all as if were next door.

Usually, we get early to home,I can't sleep and wait. Yesterday it was almost quiet, just the light went off, but that is NOTHING compare to other years.

Hubby birthday would be tomorrow, I bought him an Hispanoamarican Erotic Poetry Anthology, from XV century to our times. He like to be pet as a cat while I read poetry aloud.

I know he will love it.

Of books

Jul. 25th, 2004 09:05 pm
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I love reading. This week I get some new ones that are waiting anxiously for me to take them:
1. Christ Passion II; is a theologycal comment by my former professor at the Theology Faculty; he was a "master", those guys that "marked" you in your accademic development.
2. How history is told to kids arround the world. Lovely essay about indoctrination of kids. Must say that "history arround the world" don't included South America. Just a tiny detail, those ignorants don't even has history, don't you agree?
3. A. Gaudi. A biographical novel (The last two are hubby gift)
4. A compilation of Lev Vigotsky essays. (I introduce to my book shelf after distroying all evidence of me buying it: bag, envelope, bill; we are suppoused to pay bills not buying books...but I give into temptation, as always, I shouldn't step on a bookstore, ever!)

And you, apart from fics compultion, What are you reading?
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Mum arrives yesterday from Barcelona, a month is just TO much time. It's odd, due to mail, I can't say I miss her, we were conect everyday, and spoke on sundays by phone, but not the same that knowing she is a few blocks from home rambling about the presents, and THE BOOK )
Air Pollution )
I’m without time to read fics… boooh. Only Grasping at normality on Monday, which was so nice. Kaz, you are fabulous!.
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Is official, my daughter is a book weirdo too.

Just as me.

Today she saw a book, and ask me to buy it. I explain to her that we already have that one, just in another edition.
Well, she says, but as you say, is another edition. We could collect it.

It happen to me, that I love book for the value of their word, but also as a beautiful object, she is fallowing my path.


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