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We have a little security box, in which once hubby put hazelnut fudge to protect it from the kids, now there are important family documents.

The battery run off (?) and now we can't open it. I went to search for the keys. But guess what? They were in the box!
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We are packing the books.

I felt this is the never ending library.

Will I ever have settled bookshelfs?

This poor books move more often than the Hogwarts stairs.

In any case the idea is to start packing slowly. First the second floor: guest's room and library. I will leave only my thesis realted books and my PC.

We will left the kids library for the last, we don't want to disrupt their rutine.

So DVD, Cd's and my theology books, novels, poetry and myths are well locked in boxes. Snif. TOmorrow will be the turn of the rest of Social Sciences books. I'm a biased person, I might have one Stats book, two or three biology ones and that is all for Natural Sciences.

We are packing a bit earlier, we are moving in February, but we didn't want to rush and stress over this.

The kids have a lot of fun marking the boxes. Athena exclaimed: "This is much better than cleaning our room".


Did I ever told you I hate "her chocolate eyes". Brrr. Caramel is as bad too. Poor Hermione, when would fan writers respect her eyes?.


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