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About all these intelligent desing issue.

It amazed me how fundamentalism is spread in USA.

Some thoughts about all this. As you know I'm catholic, I do believe God created life. Intelligent desing vs. Evolution then? Nah.

Bible has different genders. Genesis has lots of myths in it. Myths not as in "lies" but as symbolic religious meanings. So we need an hermeneutic aproach to understand that meaning. The dificulty: We are a "text" in a "context" reading another "text" born in a diferent "context". But we can try. So Bible admits historical situated interpretation.

We can't aproched any sacred text biblecal or others, asking for scientifc answer.
Why not?. We can’t ask the Bible to use a scientific logic if science as a social construct appears during the last 4 or 3 centuries.

At the same time we can't seek our life meaning (?) in scientific facts, unless we take an step further and goes for philosophical consequences of scientific knowledge. Faith vs Science is only a problem when this two levels are confused and a fundamentalist approach is taken.

Science and theology has two different interests.

My daughter asks if Adam and Eve did exist. I told her they didn't, it doesn't threathen her faith. We talked about the meaning of that text.

In an age of pluralism, uncertainty could make people try to protect them self in rigid religious structures. Is a protection from anomie, a "fuga mundi".
Also, is a beautifull oportunity to make faith a free will option in critical dialogue with culture. That implies the risk/aceptance that you might be wrong.
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Nick, my USA cousin, send me this article about religion and christian votes in northamerica. Is a call to vote in concience

We believe that claims of divine appointment for the President, uncritical affirmation of his policies, and assertions that all Christians must vote for his re-election constitute bad theology and dangerous religion.


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