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Sep. 21st, 2004 09:49 pm
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(Edited) I found this lovely Remus/Luna http://www.skyehawke.com/archive/story.php?no=2820&PHPSESSID=500c3138ef2feda26595a4e700872152
Does anyone knows a good Remus fic? If Luna is there will be better.


Yesterday I re start my Fibromyalgia diet, wich includes no coffee. Maybe thats why I look at this meme with longing eyes. Any way I'm glad I'm in the "good path" again. BTW no chilean would ever accept what USA called cappucino, we served with real, oh delightfull so many callories, cream here.

You're a Cappucinno.
You're a Cappucinno!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
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Today my lovely Oedipus says he don't like english classes because he could risk to loose his own language!
Can you belive it? He is five! The boy is always finding rational thoughts to prove his cause. He is amazing (...and I'm Electra)
Any case, I do know he enjoy his english classes too, it seems that the alphabeth is not a challenging topic for him. Dear boy.

Spring have decide to come full force, all the prunes and almond and cherry trees has blossom, also the "aromos" (yellow blossom). The air is warm and full of the escence of flowers. Yesterday night I saw the most amazing full moon, the sky was clean and I saw her comming with all her magesty besides the mountains. First the glow, then very slowly, parts of the moon. Los Andes were a huge dark shadow while the moon make her entrance. Have I ever tell you I live at the Andes feets?. I have a strong belonging feeling with that mountain, I never cease to marvell at it beauty.
If you ask any chilean kid to draw his house, they will start drawing the snowing mountin all through the horizon, like the breast of their mum; only then they would organize the rest of the picture elements.
When I travel out of Chile, I always felt something is misssing, like a protection, and it is my Andes.

In the FMS front I have been tired all day, sleep a shamefully long nap. Tried to work in my thesis, but words flood in a surrealistic way "power", "discourse", "knowledge", "Foucault" all like a shapeless mess in my brain fog. Pity, tuesday is my work - on - thesis - day...well Friday too, so I will need to work harder then. In any case spring is beautifull and I won't let FMS to spoil it.
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I've just open a discussion forum for spanish speaker with fibro.
Now I only need to catch participants. Je, Je, be careful with Nocturnus the fibro tracker!

A chilean doctor inform a friend of mine that fibro was an invention made from histerics womans. GRRRRR. Such an ignorant. It makes me felt more vigorous in the attempt to make people know and understand this disease. In my case is lighter, but through LJ I met people that need to stop working or start using a cane at age 45. Both genders. The thought of people like them going to an orangutan with medical degree that is gong to tell them is "all in their heads" irated me. I'm lucky, bth my doctors are researching fibro, so they know what they are talking about.

My inner warrior is fed with this unfair situations.


Also find this site http://www.ayme.org.uk/ Is for teens with Cronichle fatigue or with Fibro.

Dad's day at little Oedipus school. He made a little booklet for him. So cute.
He might not be Oedipus anymore, as he kno want to marry his teacher.
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Hubby was badly injured after a football match. A ball “landed” in his eye, which is pretty bruised and look awful.
He refused to visit the doctor. But, I’m not a bitch for nothing, so I dragged him to the hospital. In the way, he told me over and over again, the story as it was a kind of saga and he, the brave knight. Men!
I can’t understand how, my husband, a nice, tender, caring, intelligent man, could have, every mow and then, this regressions to the “macho” stage of evolution.

Staying at the hospital till 3:00 AM did nothing good to my creaky joints. Fibro sucks!

I am planning in write a fic. I decide to make a fibromialgic Hermione. As I don’t want it to be Mary Sue, neither speak based only in my experience I post in a FMS LJ community, asking a few personal questions about the disease. Most of they were pretty kind and gentle in sharing their experience. A few were quite aggressive, may be is cultural way of express. Who knows.

They assume I was healthy person trying to talk about something I have no idea. I know that people is tired of not being understand in their disease, that could explain the reaction. I don’t tend to tell I have FMS in RL too. They also tell me that I couldn’t expect to talk for all of them. Please! It wasn’t that I decided to be their lieder or take the FMS flag up. It was just a fic, to post in fandom, based on personal experience. I was just researching a bit (triangulating the data). They also send me to learn English first.

In a way,it is fair play, I know my grammar an spelling sucks. I am planning to have a beta, as I do with my other ficlet. What impress me, is the aggressive style in communicate through cyber space. Why start battles, isn’t enough to struggle in real life on daily basis. Just. don’t. get. it

Soon enough I will ask for suggestions and help with the fic. Be aware!

In a light spot, Lady Clover up dated Polylove again. Yippee! It’s quite good answer to my Polylove challenge. More as how I envisioned. I know Terrible Temptation is quite popular, but I like this the most.


Yesterday night, before hubby’s injured arrival, I spend it reading Ordinary People. I don’t know why, but at some point during the progress of that fic, I dropped it. Now, I pick it and I’m truly fascinated. What I like the most, apart of the written style, is the scandal. I don’t know why authors don’t explore that path more often.

Well, time for a nap, my body deserves it.
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Is pretty good.
I need to "understand" that too. People say so many things to you, that you start beliving it (low selfsteem alert).
As soon as the winter hollidays start I will contact the author for permission to translate this:

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Ok. This was supoussed to be an essay day, hubby would do it alone AND I will just beta and review for him. But, today his mum was send to the hospital with pneumonia, the man who fix the car (yes, it was still out of order) call saying that it is fix and the bill is..., how to phrase it? Scandalous, we just don't have that much. We are paying my son hospital's bill, and dealing with the consecuenses of the dicrease of job we have this semester. So he is in a pitifull state. And of course, he let the essay to the very last date.

But I'm a grown up now. I let him battle alone,I take charge of the kids. Now I read his introduction to the essay, which is pretty good (is not a problem of knowing, he just get too nervous). Now, in a very motherly way (hate it, I`m his wife, not Molly Weasley) I divided the rest of the work in three more little and handle tasks. While he do it, kids will be sleeping and I will leave to a meet some friends. When I return, I told him I expect him to give me the tasks I ask him, we will discuss it, and I will help him in the writting of his ideas.

Not the ideal situation, but much more better than other days, I'm improving in the "NO" compartiment.It is better because, I am helping him, but he is doing his own work, he can, I know that, I`ve seen his work before. Now, If I only could abducted him to the therapyst I will be in the glory.

In the Fibromyalgia front, things are so & so, better than last year at this month but worst as it was in summer. Must ask if there is a relation between sintoms and autumm/winter time. Also, I was having a very strict diet, wich I drop (lazzy, lazzy me) and I think I might be paying the consecuenses. Diet was good.

In the fic arena there are two answer to my challenge, one of them is pretty good, so good that I quit writting mine. The other one is from a new author, and I bet she is a teen. She will need encouragement.

Dear Stranger:

I love making challenges, maybe is because I dont dare to write fics in english, and I'm always having bunnies in my head.
Next one will be something in the line of "Dumbledore's rage", the school reaction to this teacher relation thingy. I'm ploting the challenge conditions: Any suggestions, they are wellcome and will be correctly adress.

Corazon send a message today consernig LaLS, I never like that site to much, my inner snob find it a little to smut and kitsch. But what pick my attention is the fact that people fight arround this fic thing. Really, I can`t get it.

In the same line, soon they will change WIKTT front page picture (Thank GOD), but I`m minority, the pics I like are rarely the ones that wins.

Well, not such a bad day for being "dark essay day".


Apr. 15th, 2004 09:36 pm
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Ok. I know this is silly but I felt guilty of being depress.
Today I recived the assesment my students of last term made about me: It were glorious, I couldn't have a better evaluation. Hubbie suggest I should add that to my aplication to another university (I'm trying to left bad U).
So why I'm depressed?. I have a good marriage. Two lovely kids. Job that I love (bad U aside),I got a scholarship and do my PhD without paying a cent. Have a beautiful house, and after all a decent money (with up and downs).
The problem being that I always felt inadequate, as I'm not worthy. Sort of Forrest Gump, you now. Like I'm cheating and I could be discoverd. Does this made any sense?
I turn arround and I see people with real motives to be depress, and felt as an spoil brat. Guilty of being depress. I made an effort of being always the cheerfull one, so I hide my angst and my shyness very well. I'm always with fear o being reject, of not being invited to join the play.
My fibromialgy is the somatic expression of this. And I felt guilty of having it. I share the prejuice people have about the syndrome, so I catalogue my self as lazy or trying to turn people attention into me. I theory I know, what this syndrome is, but in my guts I depretiate myself about having it.
Very often, I felt terror, as I can't continue going, as I want to quit the game, and retire to my mum's womb. Living requires an energy that I don't have, so I guess I hide in here, in cyber space, a place to evade RL.


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