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I watch an "old" movie (1997) called Wag the dog, has any body seen it?. Is soooo funny. Is starred by Hoffman and De Niro, but in the best part, it was time to pick the kids. Now I'm dying to know how it ends. The plot is like this: Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to "fabricate" a war in order to cover-up a presidential sex scandal. It's a silly comedy, a satire, not a serious thing.

Tomorrow are Chilean local authorities elections (County chief?). They are very important because they are a test for our goverment. Pinochet guys, now reloaded, had a good chance to win. The elections will be very close, with a lot of youth abscent. Even if I'm very critic with my goverment, I can't deny President Lagos is a great estateman (?). Guess what? I lost my ID so I can't vote. Grrrrr.

Hubby just called, my lovely silver beetle is out of order, he is now at the streets. There are no places here to fix it because everything is close for the electionary process until tuesday.

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Ok. The car is fixed. The man who fixed make as a real good price (lower than it should), because he believes that "no one should expend in a car more than in health". The bill is yet expensive for us right now, but the first man who saw the car says is will be $1.100 only in materials. This one, is asking for $461 considering his work and the materials. Still is 2/3 of my salary.
He also give us the car and said we could come with the money when we have it. Without asking for any guarantee!
I'm deeply moved. We are gone a give him half of the money the first week of July and the rest on August, but he take our word, just like that.
Now we have put that bloody car on sale.
We are still totally broken, but hubby is dealing with that better. I don't care much about financial problems, we will have more money in two months more, but it concerns me the way it affects my husband. He was really poor in his childhood, and this kind of situations wake those ghosts from the past.
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The health system decided to pay half of Oedipus hospitalitation, worst thing?
They don't accept three checks only cash.
Hubby is in THAT mood. Hate money problems only for that mood.
Car arrives from the beach.

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May. 23rd, 2004 10:47 pm
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Ok. Few decisions taken:
1. We call the man who fixs cars(?) and tell him to send the car back. It will be expensive but not as expensive as to fix the car right now. Most probable we will have it park in the garden till next semester (In wich we expect to have more money)
2. Mum, is at Barcelona. Whine to Daddy (Yes, I now, I´m Daddy's little girl) and he give me the keys of my mum car. She will be fourious, je. But is winter, and kids leave at 7:10 AM to school. It's for their health.
3.I post a challenge at wiktt. I'm a challenge nut's. As I'm not able to writte in English as fluently as i would like, I spend my time uploading challenges.
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I'm capable of writing a fic in spanish, there are HP fandom in latin america, but english has become my fantazie language. I even day dream in english. Spanish, is the RL language. It just dont felt right to mix both worlds. Odd, isn't it?
Maybe some day I will answer my own challenge, I have the plots in my head anyway.

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Tell me what you think. But remember: it's not mine, is an adaptation.
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To tired to write. Just come back from the weekend from hell.
We went to the beach so Oedipus could breath some healthy air.
The car run out of order in the middle of the rute.
Dominique, one of my best friend, has to wake her children in the middle of the night, dress them to the Polo chill, and rescue us. So instead of being at the beach, we spent three days with Domi who lives at the country side. That was the good part, bad part was that the red car has literally die. We could make some arragenments that cost over million pesos (Dollar is $700 chilean pesos, we earn $600.000). We will sell it, and at least finish to pay the car debt and the arrangement.
Also, we sleep in the worst bed ever. They are called futon, and are japanese. Achh, hate it.
Oedipus wake both nights at 5:30, and never slept again.
A good thing was, that a couple of parents from my daughter class, were near Dominique's house (small world) and offer to bring her and the bags to Santiago (where we live).
So we arrive today by bus, and start looking at the silver beetle keys for picking Athenea jr....only to find out that they were at the red car, two hours away from home. Can I curse?

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