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The Clinic is a lefty joke newspaper. If you want to laugh against local politic you must buy it. When Pinochet was in London he went to a Private Hospital called The Clinic. That is where it take the name.

(A translation, for us Booo is spell Buuu)So the title is Buuush (Boooosh) look how I tremble.

Well to day there was an act against APEC. I didn't went, I know I'm a coward but I new things will go badly. And they did. The worst is the media trying to manipulate information. Lots of people went with their kids, it was a cultural act. But the policemen choose to throw tears bombs (You know the ones that don't allow you to breath and made you cry)

Secundary kids (From Upper School) protesting against APEC, the police men, sweet and pacific as always, are pulling him to the truck, a friend of him is calling people to help:

Saint Francis priest order in a non violence protest against the ones who crucified our people (What will Mel Gibson think of this). You could see Saint Francis Church behind. (They never use their robes, except in VERY formal ocassion and every time they protest, during dictatorship, our catholic church lead the resistant movement)

Today's protest

You could read No a la guerra (No war) and Fuera Bush (Bush go away).

As always, this is not against northamerican people, but about opression and colonialist politics and economy. It is urgent that the USA administration heard the voice of the rest of the world.

More than 40.000 people went, a small group start disorders. What do the press cover?, that group. Not the other 40.000 people. (We are a city of 4 million people, so 40.000 is a big group)
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God Almighty had arrived to Chile. He wont bother to actually sleep in our groud. He will stay in a plane and travel to Santiago by helicopter everyday. The rest of his boys had rent the most expensive hotel in the country entirely for them self.

Santiago, a commonly calm city is full of policemen, CIA, and FBI guys.

Putin will arrived today too. And so 22 more presidents from the pacific area.


How could the little fishes could willingly go and offers their neck to the sharps?

It's behind my comprehension.

For the other side, why we - a terrorist free country - would like to attract the attention of the rest of the world.- As if that would report any REAL benefit for us.

There is nothing for us in it. Just false pearls necklaces. A few brain washed ideology, you now liberty and those things they cancelled at the first time they dislike our chooses. Because liberty and democracy are for us only if it suits them, not us.

19 years of dictatorship paid by them is all we had. Last week my church give the president an extend research on human rights rapes in our country during Pinochet years. Same tactics as use in Iraqis. Our soldiers were train by USA army. Electricity in the genitals was one of them.

Bush, Nixon...same evil with different robes: And evidence mounts of decades of war by Latin American dictatorships, with the connivance of the United States, against leftwing dissidents and of every people who resist the terror.
A newsparper comment: "Latin America has been exasperated by 20 years of ultra-liberalism.
Now the US is using its fight against global terrorism as a pretext for a military response to unrest in the Americas".

And we are supposed to received Bush with our arms extend? Please!


Nov. 3rd, 2004 04:40 am
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Sunday was election day in Chile. Unbeliveble my coallision wins, in fct is more a punish to the right wing than a price to our goverment. (Just local - county - authorities, no president nor the congress)

Here the system is One person, One vote. No electronic neither mechanical system, you draw an vertical line (completing a cross) next to your candidate. Voting days are free days, mall can't open. There is a margin of nine hour betwwen the process start and the counting votes process. At midnight you already know who the winner is. On sunday at 21:00 we already had a very accurate idea.
Now is 4:41 AM, and USA elections are killing me. Can't sleep and keep checking at the USA channels. Besides, it get me a lot of time trying to figure out the way the USA system does it. Not that our system is perfeect, mind you, it was made by Pinochet, so it had lots of tiny tricks that help right wingys obtain more votes at the congress elections.


Wish you luck people.
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What happend in the next election is not only a matter of USA citenships, but it concerns us all. A survey made at 10 "leading" countries (Not Chile, Of course) has this results:

The results show that in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Spain and South Korea a majority of voters share a rejection of the Iraq invasion, contempt for the Bush administration, a growing hostility to the US and a not-too-strong endorsement of Mr Kerry. But they all make a clear distinction between this kind of anti-Americanism and expressing a dislike of American people. On average 68% of those polled say they have a favourable opinion of Americans

A majority in Britain also believe that US democracy is no longer a model for others.

But perhaps a more startling finding from the Guardian/ICM poll is that a majority of British voters - 51% - say that they believe that American culture is threatening our own culture.

This is a fear shared by the Canadians, Mexicans and South Koreans.


The 10-country poll suggests that rarely has an American administration faced such isolation and lack of public support amongst its closest allies.

Want to read it?:,15221,1327568,00.html

Even if we weren't consider in this survey, I have the impression that chileans are in the same line of thought.


Aug. 1st, 2004 11:06 pm
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Hate reading news of Chile in first world journal.
This one is ... - have no words ... How dare they? Think we are stupids?!
"Bank Scandal Smears Pinochet's Graft-Free Image" Please, what graft - free imagene are they talking about?
We have always know Pinochet was who he was. No one here (Except of the very utra right wing) think in him as an honest man. I need more english words to course!
If we can't judge him was because the White House protect him from the interntional court.

And look to this last phrase: "I always assumed, based on what I know, that the Chileans are among the most honest human rights violators in the world."
Arghhhh, stupid etnocentric bigots!, What is Bush, a white lamp?


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