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Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist, is serving a ten-year prison sentence in China for sending an email to the USA. He was accused of “illegally providing state secrets to foreign entities” by using his Yahoo email account.

According to the court transcript of the evidence that led to Shi Tao’s sentencing, the US internet company Yahoo provided account-holder information on him.

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The Clinic is a lefty joke newspaper. If you want to laugh against local politic you must buy it. When Pinochet was in London he went to a Private Hospital called The Clinic. That is where it take the name.

(A translation, for us Booo is spell Buuu)So the title is Buuush (Boooosh) look how I tremble.

Well to day there was an act against APEC. I didn't went, I know I'm a coward but I new things will go badly. And they did. The worst is the media trying to manipulate information. Lots of people went with their kids, it was a cultural act. But the policemen choose to throw tears bombs (You know the ones that don't allow you to breath and made you cry)

Secundary kids (From Upper School) protesting against APEC, the police men, sweet and pacific as always, are pulling him to the truck, a friend of him is calling people to help:

Saint Francis priest order in a non violence protest against the ones who crucified our people (What will Mel Gibson think of this). You could see Saint Francis Church behind. (They never use their robes, except in VERY formal ocassion and every time they protest, during dictatorship, our catholic church lead the resistant movement)

Today's protest

You could read No a la guerra (No war) and Fuera Bush (Bush go away).

As always, this is not against northamerican people, but about opression and colonialist politics and economy. It is urgent that the USA administration heard the voice of the rest of the world.

More than 40.000 people went, a small group start disorders. What do the press cover?, that group. Not the other 40.000 people. (We are a city of 4 million people, so 40.000 is a big group)


Oct. 12th, 2004 10:31 am
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For all of you United States citizen. When I came to work I get a glimpse at the news of Bush cheating at the debate, but I can't find that in the net. Do you know something?

As for my previous post, In wich I tell you about the 100.000 soldiers, well, hubby is still laughing anf making fun of me.
They were "only" 18.000. It seems that not all our millitary forces would ever get into such a number. Well, I remeber being very impressed of the amount of forces in the street.

Take it from Leogryffyn:

You're in touch with the world, and you have a very
strong opinion on things like politics and war.
Even if you do end up changing your image in
the future, most of us will still like you.

What band from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Christopher Reeves died today.
If he were just another Hollywood actor I wouldn't care less. But he wasn't.

When I was 16, an actor was kidnapped and killed by Pinochet forces.

Reeves came to Chile and support the Human Right cause. Our people felt his support. It was an important gesture then. It has a lot of political impact. It was my first massive political meeting.

That night I find my mum sick with worry, Pinochet had sent 100.000 soldiers through Santiago. I was lucky not to be arrested.

Christopher Reeves was a good man, a man who know he could mark the difference.


A quote, Galeano, a latin novelist:

He was a wizzard with the harp. In the plains of Colombia there was no party without him. For a party to be a party, Mese Figueredo had to be there, his dancing fingers brightening up the air and stirring the legs.
One night, on some remote track, he was assaulted by thieves, Mese Figueredo was on his way to a wedding on muleback -he on one mule, the harp on another- when the thieves jumped on him and beat him senseless.
The following day, someone found him. He was lying in the path, a filthy rag of mud and blood, more dead than alive.
And then the wretch said, with the remnants of a voice:
-- They took the mules.
And he said:
-- And they took the harp.
And he drew in breath and laughed, dribbling spittle and blood he laughed:
-- But they didn't take the music.

I really need to stop listening music, reading poetry and start working on my thesis. but hubby take the kids away, is raining, the chimeney is on...How I'm suppoused to work in such lovely atmosphere?


Some time ago I told you I hate take the kids to Mc Donald, but they threaten me into it once a year. Some of you felt surprised by my distrust to such a company. Well October 16 will be the Anti Mc Donald march all arround the world. Here are the motives:
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My God father is a catholic priest.
He organized a resistant group back in Pinochet's time that look out for Human Rights.
He has lots of amazing stories. The one I loved, was told by my granny some years ago, I've always felt it could be a good story to write:

After Pinochet raise power my uncle start working on
saving lives. Helping people from the resistance to get out of the country.
The most common thing was to jump an embassy wall and lived there. The real problem was
how to reach the airport or any frontiers without been catch?. (Remember Chilean
geography: North with the driest desert in the world, south with the Antartic,
orient the Andes, Occident with the Pacific Ocean)

In this context, a couple traspass the Vatican Embassy, she was in the latest months
of pregnancy. Once she give birth they manage to secretly send the couple
away...but not the baby, it was too risky.

So the baby stay at the embassy for a while, but it was impossible to take good care of her there. Two very fats nuns take it from there, inside
their robes, in a bishop car. (The army men don’t dare to register and touch the
ladies: they had their "morals".)

They went to have tea at my uncle's parish, and left the baby there, soon one of my aunties enter with her five kids and left, a few hours later, with
her six little ones. The family take care of the baby for a whole year, they
introduce her as the nanny's daughter.

One afternoon my uncle step in and take the baby to her parents.
My aunty never knew who the baby was.

A few years ago, in a TV show about dictatorship victims, a woman narrated her
story and tell she would love to thank the people who take care of her. My
aunt contact her the TV station and they meet.


Sep. 14th, 2004 01:46 am
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Remember my "nothing happen in Chile" comment?
Well, it was rubish. It's due to my "no tv" habits. Seems that the ususal happen on 9/11, meaning violence in some of Santiago's poor neighborhoods.

End my S/H ficathon ficlet (wee!!!), meaning I could re - estart writting "Stairs".
Feel very relieved, I was worring I couldn't finished in time, but the muses cooperate.
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Yesterday It was a good day after all.
My Mastery students has organized a barbecue because it was our last class.
They were truly nice, and told very cute things about me and my teaching style, also I must confess I'm very shy and prude to this kind of public demonstration of affection (Not very latin of me, isn't it?).
At the same time I was feeling very odd being on a party the 11. But I couldn't decline the invitation. I will miss this class, we get along very well, and felt they help me to articulate my pedagogical discourse.

In the afternoon hubby and I went to bed and watch to great programs about both 9/11 (19973 & 2001), It made me cry.
At night things were quite calm, usually 9/11/73 remembrance brings a lot of violence between poor teens (I really don't know why, they weren't even born, and I'm not sure if they understand the politics implictions of the date, a matter for a in depth study).

I'm used to hear gun shots, bombs, cries and police repression. I live at the andes feet, across a "river" there is a very poor population, there is where the violence take place. The sounds cross the valley and echoed in the mountain, so I listen to all as if were next door.

Usually, we get early to home,I can't sleep and wait. Yesterday it was almost quiet, just the light went off, but that is NOTHING compare to other years.

Hubby birthday would be tomorrow, I bought him an Hispanoamarican Erotic Poetry Anthology, from XV century to our times. He like to be pet as a cat while I read poetry aloud.

I know he will love it.
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September 11, 1973.

31 years ago.

I was 3 years old, my mum was expecting my sister.

My dad was a journalist...soon he will be sucked.

My uncle was a young priest...soon he will be organizing Human Right movement: Solidaridad

All our lifes change.

I don't remember, but my olders told me that planes surround the air.
From my house we could listen the bombs.

In the radio the democratic president make a speech defending democracy.
Lots died that day.
More than 5.000 die the next 19 years.

Torture, murder, censure, persecution.

A military goverment in the name of liberty.

C.I.A give the money.
C.I.A train our militars.
C.I.A in the name of liberty.
C.I.A in the name of democracy.

It was a sad day for us 31 years ago, is a sad day for us today.

I despized terrorism in all its form.


Sep. 4th, 2004 07:23 pm
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Russian tragedy has shut my soul with ice.
I can't even read or listen about it, it's sharp pain that brings me into tears.
I don't want to see photos, I felt that the victims don't deserve their suffer to turn into a show.
I don't need pictures to realized the horror of it.
Just can't stop thinking in my own kids.
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Allow me to rec some serious but highly interesting reading:

I'm currently through this, finding it enlightening.


Aug. 18th, 2004 12:45 am
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Have just come back from the cinema. We went to see Machuca. Chilean cinema usually sucks (IMO), but this movie was beautiful and touching. If it ever gets near you, I highly recomend it. The best way of reviewing it, is saying that silence has arrive to my soul. I'm so moved that I have difficulties in expressing my self. When the movie ends, no one at the cinema moves, a death silence take place in the room. We can't even get comfort saying, "Well, it is a movie", no, it is based in our recent history and people who still is alive, and young (40), has that experience and memories of it. My husband was distress, he remember things being like that.
The sad thing is that thing hasn't change at all in all these years, discrimination is still an issue.

Machuca at Cannes festival, reviews )
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Sometimes the Terrorist is the State.
Being raised in a dictatorship I'm used to distractional tactics and the "Here come the wolf" logic of goverment. Re starting the terrorist topic just after the democratic convention with a three years old information...please. We are talking about the most powerfull country in the world. Updates your datas.
It will not surprised me if there is any terrorist attack soon, and I would doubt if it is Al Quada.

Thank God continental Europeans still has some sense:


Aug. 1st, 2004 11:06 pm
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Hate reading news of Chile in first world journal.
This one is ... - have no words ... How dare they? Think we are stupids?!
"Bank Scandal Smears Pinochet's Graft-Free Image" Please, what graft - free imagene are they talking about?
We have always know Pinochet was who he was. No one here (Except of the very utra right wing) think in him as an honest man. I need more english words to course!
If we can't judge him was because the White House protect him from the interntional court.

And look to this last phrase: "I always assumed, based on what I know, that the Chileans are among the most honest human rights violators in the world."
Arghhhh, stupid etnocentric bigots!, What is Bush, a white lamp?

Excuse me?

May. 8th, 2004 11:52 pm
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I´m piss. Don't read if you felt offend with Humans Rights issues. This is not anti USA, mind me. Is anti Human Rights violation.


"We may make honest mistakes ..." Miller says

Honest. Mistakes. Yeah, Good. An my Dad is Santa Claus.

How can he dare to use the word mistake?.Mistake is when I forget my purse at home.
Murder, torture, abuse, horror.


This is sick, so bloddy identical to our September 11, 1973. Eighteen years of dictatorship. Five thousand of dead and dissapear people, much more torture in very similar condition to Irakies, and probably Guantanamo prisioners. The very same tactics. This are not honest mistakes. This is the way that things are carefully planned to make prisioners "talk". All conviniently support during the cold war for the sake of liberty.

And this is not a banana republic charachteristic, with ignorant militars even if hollywood love the esterotype, this is how things work when you aplay the logic of war. You turn your self into a terrorist.
I don´t blame an 18 yr old soldier, but an entire army who allows this.


And we, the people, aren´t idiots Mr. Miller. Thank You.


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