Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Of course my dreams of an uniterruped reading was asking to much. Not because of my kids but for my boss and his evil kickside who asked me to go to the office on Saturday morning, meaning I was at Santiago at 18 hrs not 10 in the morning at first planned.

Still, there are lot of passages I TRULLY enjoy.

Will go spoiler hunting and making comments on your journals.
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For more HP cartoons
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Oh!, this is a nice one shot:

Smarter Than They Look


Athena is ill: Too much Easter chocolate I guess.
Athena is happily watching cartoons trying not to grin when I ask her how she felt. The fact she don't want any breakfast or even smell of food make me certain this is real and not just another case of non schoolitis.

I'm at home, the nanny hasn't arrived yet. She travel to her house during the feasts. It seems all Chile decided to travel this weekend. The bus service collapsed. Hubby was in the road yesterday at 9 PM and arrived at Santiago at 3 AM!, he should have arrive at midnight, but there weren’t any more tickets and we bough the last one in a company that honors all the Hollywood cliches about Latin America. The bus did look dubious form the beginning. I guess Eli, the nanny, is in a similar situation right now.
I had to call to work and take the morning off in the hope the nanny to arrive sometime soon.
It make me nervous to skip work. Grrr.

My dog has the flu. What do you do with a German Sheppard with a sore throat? He is certainly barking a little less than usual. Poor thing!


Apr. 12th, 2006 02:57 pm
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Why is so difficult for people to understand that pedagogy is not a matter of technique so there are no universal recipes?.

I went to an insulting dissertation.



(Now I'm relaxed).
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First day at new work...Exahusted.

Still, manage to be good mum and read Narnia 3 first chapter to Oedipus, poor Athena fell asleep waiting for chapter 1 HP6

Plan to make a nice optimistic entry in LJ, instead I'm leading direct to my bed.

Someday, during this week, I'll post about lovely new job.


U2 concert was yesterday. I planned to made a full report to you as a way to cheer you up. Please accept my good intention until energy flow back to me.

Any case, all de goverment manage to meet with Bono. It seem my leaving president, president elect and ministers are all fun of U2. Amnesty give them a recognition. It seems the concert was amazing.

Discover a good fanart in a page call accio brain. Accion brain is what I need right know.
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Re read HBP. In that scene at the infirmary; when everybody is next to Bill, the kids tell Harry what happened at the death eater attack. Well it seems to me they forgot to drink Felix Felicity. Apart for being alive the whole thing was a fiasco.

Two kids with non scholistis.
Oedipus is tired and Athena is scared of her teacher, I let them stay home. My daughter (9) was at the end of her teacher rage on Friday, it seems that the bitch shout to her in an awful way. She trembled and sob without control while telling me. The poor thing recognized she shouldn't have lost her homework, but also she is very aware that this was an act of violence and power abuse (Kids with critical thinking are not the best for school system)

She is a professional and need to behave like such. I don't buy the I'm like their second mother crab. I don't send them to school for having second mom. I send them to learn in the hands of a caring professional, as such I demand quality. Would I accept a pediatrician screaming at my kids? No. Well, neither I tolerate this crazy cow shout my daughter. Even if is common practice here is it against their professional ethics. Last term I shouted a group of students for the first time in 15 years of teaching, I apologize for shouting...even if I let them rot in hell for cheating.

In time like this homeschooling allure me. A lot.

Today hubby will go to talk to the teacher. Why hubby? I don't trust my self in this situations. AND he is a man in a chauvinistic culture. I learn to use that to my benefit long ago. (For Chileans: As my little boy say, this school is machistoso, well Chile is machistoso. Isn't it?).

When I shouted my kids in the past, I'd always talked to them before and I excused my self for loosing control; I doubted this bitch will do it unless "motivated" by hubby. He is a little like Snape when angry, stoned face, low voice, firm tone....Well I stop here or I'll assaulted him right now.

Did I tell you that is less and less grinish?. This weekend was a lot better than the previous weeks


Oedipus and I has a mother and son weekend. Athena went to Con Con (yea Fran, we should meet) with mom and my sister.
We went to the Avant Premiere of Chicken Little, this will be the last because mom will retire on January first. (So no premiere for Narnia, shit!. I'm use to free tickets at Disney movies, Opera and theatre). We also try to get into the art museum, but the park that sourrounds it was full of young people juggling, street theatres, drummers groups. Oedious (and I) was delighted, we spendt the whole evening there.


Lots of call for scholars at the newspaper. Crossfinguers.
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Today was my first free Saturday. Weeeeee. No work.
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Ok, I’m in the middle of the Social Pedagogy Congress. It turn to be pretty interesting, in lots of ways. Antibiotics are doing their works, I’m raising from the grave.

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Today I end my master class. People were happy with me. It is funny, everybody would assume that, for teaching at a Master group, you should be a very confident academic.
Truth to be told, I always got stage panic before I start.
Most students are older than I!

But this year something good happen, I felt that now I had a word to say, a word of my own. The students come after class to thank me, and they say very nice things. Even the army and the communist guy were very content with the class.
To be honest, I'm living a process of re charm my relation with education, it seems that I'm moving from my skeptical mood. Being skeptical don't suit my personality. I still think that the educational system is a nazi one, but now I believe another world is possible.

Next week I need to present two lectures in an Iberoamerican Social Pedagogy Congress. Let us say I had just one ready (because I take it from my thesis work), the other one, just two or three main ideas. What a shame Nocturnus!.

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Guess who has fever now, and need to end a report for work? Right!
I'm so glad that in two more hours this week will end.

Well, being honest, Sunday wasn't bad. Mum came with all her sushi stuff, and "El Negro" (hubby) cook us the best sushi ever.

Even my non - prepared 6 hour class was quite good. While driving to the U, I desing a workshop and I felt that student don't realized that the class wasnt prepared.
I had a little incident at the last five minutes, I had in that class three Army men and one marxist guy, they always debate, and I let them.
We have been working in the concept of school violence. (I support the thesis that school it self is a very violent institution, from grading to arquitectonichal space). Well, everything was all right until the militars say they don't have violence at the militar institution, what is in fact a joke (the guy was serious). Other student responce them, and then it was just a thing of seconds before everybody was fighting (NOT DEBATING about Pinochet times, and the Army rol in it).
I really felt that things were out of my control. I used the coward path, and tell them that as Rugby had three moments, two of playing, and one of camaradery arround a beer, this class was haeding to the third "rugby" moment and that I kindly invite them to continue the dicussion at the cafeteria, good afternoon, and thank you very much. Ufff.
It had been 31 years since this start, and 15 since we return to democracy. It is still raw.

Mum was with my aunty yesterday, and told her that "Little Nocturnus had a fantastic writer workshop at the net" (Meaning 30minutefics), so aunty decided she want to join. That don't please me, not at the least.
This is my private space preciousssss.
Than I remember Kalinalea membership at the Austen fanon, and ask her for help. She kindly send some usefull links.
I've created another fanom adicted.
Now my infobox is full of mails expresing how fantastic this thing is. She had spend all day at the net.
One of my reticense was that my respectable aunt will get really schock with some adult containt.
I recieved, a very intelligent and liberal comment from her, about some books I'll never thought she would have read. It seems I need to give old ladies some credit. Wonders never end.

There were a earthquake at Japan, send hugs for people over here. It always tremble (at the least) here when Japan has an earthquake. Hope this time I'm wrong.


We havent got an earthquake yet (cross fingers
tightly), but we always has after Japan, at least since I recall.
Chile is land of earthquakes, is as commons as USA tornados. The last one in Santigo was 1985, so is just to much time lapse. Trembling is a matter of every year.

Whiny post

Oct. 23rd, 2004 04:14 am
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My boy is flying with fever, again. I had three urgent task to complete for work, opt by one - making a paper for a social pedagogy congress. Work all day, from 9:00 AM till 1:00 in the mornig. Save it. And the damn thing completely disapeared from my computer.

After a histeric tamtrum, I left hubby with the boy and went to a three hours nap. Take my thesis theoreical frame, and copy & paste it in a pastiche with academichal pretensious. Did it in 30 minutes. Is 4:20 am NOW, i'm heading to bed.
In a few hours I will be teaching a six hour sesion to a master group and...I havent prepared it. EH! My speaking inventive wil be at use.
My boy is talking like a little parrot and refuse to sleep. We have done all the things that are supoused to be done in a cae like this. Hubby will be nursing him. I'm exhausted and every inch of my back hurts.

I told you, this was a very whiny post in deed.
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I'm sooooo behind in my 30minutechallenge reading.
I'm also really behind my thesis. Need to prepare a paper for a Social Pedagogy Congress due to Friday.
Did I tell you I'm behind my 30minutefics reading?
Maybe I need to rethink my priorities?

The boy has a lot of fever. He looks so little and fragil in this state. His voice so hoarse. After his "time" at the emergency unit last May, I find my self very concern when he gets ill.
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Today was first work day after independence hollydays. When I was a student it never cross my mind that teacher could have school phobia too.
Students were Ok, their hangover faces speak volumes. They didin't concentrate much on Piere Bourdieu theory. They were more concern in napping. I felt like Binns today.

I really didn't want to return. No,no, no. But I did. Hellish university didn't pay our salary. It was suppoused to be the 14, but U was closed for vacations!. Today they said the check would be ready on October 5!!!!! They will pay us two month together, big consolation. Hubby an I work together there, so you could picture our financces state.

Mr. Dean: I have the bad habit of feeding my family daily!.

Hate them, trully does. Now the bank is calling me, and I only smile sweetly and ask them to wait me. (As if they care).
Well, time to look for other U. This one pay well but is a hell of annal retentives righties that look professors as cheap workers.

My net connection keep going down, want to kick my PC.

In a more cheering topic, boy has a speech tomorrow: The snake. Everybody help as, even Ann (Ozratbag) send me links of australian snakes. Now the guy is little Snake know it all, but what concern him more, is to tell the teacher that "basilistic petrified people, and is the more scary snake of all". GOOD.


Sep. 7th, 2004 02:37 pm
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Went to a speech today, it was about the Piaget - Vigotsky debate, really enlightening, love it. Have lots of good feelings with the speaker, there was a moment in which he only talk to me, forgetting the rest of the audience, by the quality of the questions made, it was no wonder.
I send my students to listen, I was disappoint about how little they understand about epistemic problems, no wonder education is so low. Grrrr!
They tend to make of education a technique, not a reflexive process, as such they despised theory as oppossed to "practice" then the only result is that they teach ruled by "common sense". Why bother to spent five years at university if they are only going to reproduce their own school and family experience?. Grrr!
Tomorrow he will speak to the doctorate program, it was my fault meddle with college girls. No wonder they complain at the bibliography I gave them, they lack of critical thinking. Grrrr.
Felt very Snapey today. But I still know I can teach them, at least from my subject (not psychology, thank God)

Have you ever been told not to bite hard sweets?, well I've been admonish thousands I have a broken teeth into three parts, each moving at its one hurt. Hubby will take me to the dentist after his nap. NAP!!!!!!!, my teeth hurt know.

On the funny side, I open our security box (Is small, electronical and useless...huby insist in having one before our economical debacle) What do you think he kept there? Cash?, dollars?, jewells?...nah: A big pot of Nuttella, a hazzelnut chocalate sauce! That is our family wealth.
It amuzed me the idea of buglers trying to open it only to find a half empty jar of hubby favorite sweet.


Aug. 11th, 2004 02:48 pm
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Last semester a group of students in Bad university start complaining about how little "action" we have there. I tell them that they need to pick up the oportunities and make thinks happend.
Today,we have just close the first symposium of special education, organized by them. I appear giving my sing (public face) what is a shame because they did all the work, at least I make it clear to the dean and the headmaster (?) that was their work. It was a very good work. The best of all was the speech of two cubans proffessors and the testimony of a blind lawyer.
I'm proud of my girls.

New term

Aug. 2nd, 2004 10:38 am
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My winter vacation has oficially died.
Is a lovely rainy day.
My first period start with 26 students, none of them presents at class. Will this be one of THOSE terms?
Next class with them,on Wendsday, will be the day for a Snapish performance.

This "lovely" university, they asigned me a class and give a diferent one to my students, they were anoyed because they thought I don't came.
But then, In the afternoon I have physical education students, only 4 of 26 came to class. I doesn't matter, I was inspired and give an "ensare the senses" speech. They quickly called their friends and tell them to be carefull with this evil teacher (Je, je, je,if they only know)
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This is what I call a mess, and is enterily my fault.
The problem is that I don't felt a bit guilty. On thge contrary I want to laugh about my stupidity.
In an rapt of ciber creative, I made an excell list where I put all the grades of my students, if I press the bottom: Ta daaaa!: the rates were there.
So I did it, and fill all the administrative papers with that grades. But yesterday my helper called me, saiyng a poor girl fail the class but didn't understand why.
When I check, It seems that I made wrong the excell equations! Now I will go and face my death at the uni. If I never updated again, you know: Boss killed me.

In other front, the beast I have for pet piss all arround my room: The courtains, sheets, cover, walls. Not even the rabbit do that, but the dog!
I love my rabbit by the way, he is so smart.
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Grading day, and I did it in time: Yipeeeeee!
Few students will go for exams, I guess non will fail (Good students? or I am getting soft?...suspect the latter. Shame on me)

I deserve a meme

I take this one from Pandora Nervosa, went to ffnet, search in HP summaries, and type my name (real one):

There were 14 horribles fics over there, from Snape sibling to Draco lovers; from werewolf to transfer student (Canadian, thank God); and a singer who makes Snape felt angst. It seems I have a Mary Suesh name.

The weirder was this one:

Ginny Weasley's having a Bad Hair Day. She's hating work-a craptastic pile of paperwork and **** The Bitch. The weather doesn't do much to help. But there's someone at the end of it all to remind her that it's not so bad, right?

Well, it quite reassured me: what ever I write my fic can't be worst than that!

Womans with beards track me:

a href=" Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?/">Cheery!!
Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

On July 20, my birth, catholic curch used to honour "Santa Liberata", a woman who tradition, tells that God give her beard to be hide from an unwanted marriage. (That might explain that rebellious little hair that keep growing in my chin)
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Ok. This was supoussed to be an essay day, hubby would do it alone AND I will just beta and review for him. But, today his mum was send to the hospital with pneumonia, the man who fix the car (yes, it was still out of order) call saying that it is fix and the bill is..., how to phrase it? Scandalous, we just don't have that much. We are paying my son hospital's bill, and dealing with the consecuenses of the dicrease of job we have this semester. So he is in a pitifull state. And of course, he let the essay to the very last date.

But I'm a grown up now. I let him battle alone,I take charge of the kids. Now I read his introduction to the essay, which is pretty good (is not a problem of knowing, he just get too nervous). Now, in a very motherly way (hate it, I`m his wife, not Molly Weasley) I divided the rest of the work in three more little and handle tasks. While he do it, kids will be sleeping and I will leave to a meet some friends. When I return, I told him I expect him to give me the tasks I ask him, we will discuss it, and I will help him in the writting of his ideas.

Not the ideal situation, but much more better than other days, I'm improving in the "NO" compartiment.It is better because, I am helping him, but he is doing his own work, he can, I know that, I`ve seen his work before. Now, If I only could abducted him to the therapyst I will be in the glory.

In the Fibromyalgia front, things are so & so, better than last year at this month but worst as it was in summer. Must ask if there is a relation between sintoms and autumm/winter time. Also, I was having a very strict diet, wich I drop (lazzy, lazzy me) and I think I might be paying the consecuenses. Diet was good.

In the fic arena there are two answer to my challenge, one of them is pretty good, so good that I quit writting mine. The other one is from a new author, and I bet she is a teen. She will need encouragement.

Dear Stranger:

I love making challenges, maybe is because I dont dare to write fics in english, and I'm always having bunnies in my head.
Next one will be something in the line of "Dumbledore's rage", the school reaction to this teacher relation thingy. I'm ploting the challenge conditions: Any suggestions, they are wellcome and will be correctly adress.

Corazon send a message today consernig LaLS, I never like that site to much, my inner snob find it a little to smut and kitsch. But what pick my attention is the fact that people fight arround this fic thing. Really, I can`t get it.

In the same line, soon they will change WIKTT front page picture (Thank GOD), but I`m minority, the pics I like are rarely the ones that wins.

Well, not such a bad day for being "dark essay day".
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OK. Job at new good U doesn't work (booh), it seems that my intent of honesty was read as an intent of making my self difficult for them. The sad thing that I was trying to do just the contrary, saying that I have this exchange month at USP (Next time I will omit those "tiny" details). Well, one semester more at bad U won't harm. Then, as a PHD, I would negotiate my salary and work conditions (crossing finguers).

I will have soon two month of little work, I will aplay on my thesis, wich by the way is turning really interresting.

Kids ask me for Gryffindors scarfs, so I'm knitting, this, ladies and gentelmans, is quite a event of full mothers love: I AM KNITTING.

In the fic arena, I'm reading a smut fic, that is well...funny? I don't know if are the cultural diference, but a narrator talking about SS "mushroom", it's odd, sort of anticlimax actually. Any case, I'm having lot of fun reading bad, really bads, fics.

In the cheating arena...I did it. A Severus all mine, I'm such a slytherin.

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

brought to you by Quizilla

I did it

May. 19th, 2004 08:04 pm
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I did it. Today, after posting the last updated here, I recived a call from the boss of the new university, asking me personally to join his team. I told him that I will love it, BUT I have the "brazilian conection" problem. He "hum, hum" a bit and say he would talk to the dean. So is not in my hands now but I was honest and that left me in peace.
Then I recive a mail from my Mum, telling me to slow down the pace, to finish my PHD and not to go to Brazil 'cause Oedipus will miss me. Call my mum to voice my anxieties alloud! She moves my guilt so well, even if she tries to be supportive.
But then, I decide the "let it be" aproach, what ever happen, it will be. If I go to Brazil, we will be near each other, two hours by plane, so I will ask a credit - appart from the scholarship, and travel once to see them on a weekend and ask hubby to go with the kids to fetch me at Sao Paulo the last five days. When I told hubby about my mum comment, he was furious: "Our kids has a cappable and loving Dad, did she think I'll abandon them?" He is cute. This sort of things reminds me daily why I love him.


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