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My God father is a catholic priest.
He organized a resistant group back in Pinochet's time that look out for Human Rights.
He has lots of amazing stories. The one I loved, was told by my granny some years ago, I've always felt it could be a good story to write:

After Pinochet raise power my uncle start working on
saving lives. Helping people from the resistance to get out of the country.
The most common thing was to jump an embassy wall and lived there. The real problem was
how to reach the airport or any frontiers without been catch?. (Remember Chilean
geography: North with the driest desert in the world, south with the Antartic,
orient the Andes, Occident with the Pacific Ocean)

In this context, a couple traspass the Vatican Embassy, she was in the latest months
of pregnancy. Once she give birth they manage to secretly send the couple
away...but not the baby, it was too risky.

So the baby stay at the embassy for a while, but it was impossible to take good care of her there. Two very fats nuns take it from there, inside
their robes, in a bishop car. (The army men don’t dare to register and touch the
ladies: they had their "morals".)

They went to have tea at my uncle's parish, and left the baby there, soon one of my aunties enter with her five kids and left, a few hours later, with
her six little ones. The family take care of the baby for a whole year, they
introduce her as the nanny's daughter.

One afternoon my uncle step in and take the baby to her parents.
My aunty never knew who the baby was.

A few years ago, in a TV show about dictatorship victims, a woman narrated her
story and tell she would love to thank the people who take care of her. My
aunt contact her the TV station and they meet.


Aug. 7th, 2004 05:38 pm
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My Godfather is coming! (Make happy dance)

I so much love him. He call just know and ask me if he can drop to dinner. Yipeee! I haven`t seen him since my grandma funeral on february.

He is sort of permanent imagen in my life. My Dad's little brother (Not so little) I always admired him a lot. I think I had some kind of Oedipus complex with him.
He is a priest, I has received all the sacraments from him.
My earlier memories of him, is visiting me in his motorcicle.
He organized all the catholic church help to dictatorship victims. He was very committed with Human Rights. I remember picking pamphlets at the streets with his face on it, they say "Murder to the comunist priest". He was threathened lot of times.
It was my childhood hero. I think that my decision to study theology was very influence by him.
I remember being eigth or ten, and asking him, as if it were a gross word, what the theology of liberation was.
I remeber my first comunion, I was schoolmate of Pinochet's grandson, he didn't go to his grandson mas because my godparent was the priest in charge.
I remember being fifteen and being at my granny house the day two of his friends were kidnapped, they appeared without head a few weeks later.
I remember him pleading my parents for permission to left to Winters Works, in poor neightborhoods, my parents afraid of the political consecuences.
I remember people asking me with joy or hate in the eyes if I was related to him.
I remember him been elect, for his embarrasment, the one of the handsome chilean in a fashion magazine.
I remember him asking me if I want to be a nun (Je, je...I has just met hubby, and my NO is still echoing)
I remember him marrying me, baptized my kids.
Well, I love him


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