May. 6th, 2017

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There is an author whose fics I like: Josan

She haven't been around in 9 years. Some of her fics are at an Angelfire web page she hasn´t updated since 2006. Most of her work are at both her live journals blogs [ profile] josanpq

  or [ profile] tales_of_josan , which were last updated during  2008. This worried me, since Livejournal announced last month that bloggers who didn't accept the new ToS will see their blogs deleted in six more months. I'd try to contact Josan through her mail but the adress was not found. (See Termination of Inactive Accounts by Administration )**

I'd been thinking about moving her fics to A03
acknowledging her authorship and the reasons why I'm posting them in another site, but I'm of two minds about it. I wasn't Josan's friend and I have no idea about her thoughts on a topic like this. I just know she stop updating but she never withdrew her fics from where she post it.

I'd seem so beautifull fics lost through the years because the site in which they were posted were shut down. It will sadden me to lost this ones too. Should I save her fics at A03?

Please share your thoughts on this.



The Administration reserves the right to delete the Account and the Blog if access to the Blog is not carried out by the User for more than 6 months in a row or was limited during the same period in connection with the violation of the Agreement.



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