Nov. 20th, 2004 02:50 pm
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I had the most strange dream.
I was a witch, potterverse one.
I was at my muggle home (actually my mum home) and I try to take my wand to defend my self or cast some regulars charms, but I kept taking knitting needles, all kinds and types of them. I end sorround by them and never find my wand.

Any one would like to play Freud? I'm clueless.

By the way, I bearly knit a scarf and with lot of effort. I'm defitnely no Molly Weasley. At least in the knitting front


The little one like very much his english classes.
As he don't even pronounce spanish well, you could imagene how his english is.
Tree and three, Mouth and Mouse, and Thursday ... sounds very funny.
He says his teacher keep teaching him silly things like the days of the week; and she don't realized he is an advance speaker.
When I ask him to show me he says:

"Wathchingwaer, coulfbweenf, *%/ ..."

Then he kindly ask me for a translation.
I would love to be as megalomaniac as a 5 year old kid could be.


In Chile we said that we, womens, always fall in love with Che Guevara, and once married we ask him to shave.

In my case is true. Víctor had long hair when we met, tyed in a ponytail, and used a Poncho (Chamanto?). Which would be the potterverse simil?

We fall in love with Severus Snape, and then we ask him to behave like Artur Weasley?. Uff!


Sep. 3rd, 2004 11:18 am
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This is weird.
I dream about being a nurse student and finding that I've been teach by a false doctor. So I need to start all again, but find that it was easier than I thought. also I was trick in a fraud by a false telephone company: they tell me that I have win 12 Disney's toys (as if I like Disney stuff) and then find that I was owning them a very expensive bill and there were no toys.
Then my dream skip to another scenario, I was talking with mum in a very "tete a tete" way. She confess she was Foucault lover for over two years, I was so happy for her. She told me how sad she was that he was dead, and how happy he made her. I couldn't believe it. Mum knowing this great guy. Then he talk me about Derrida (Or was it Lacan?) and say she could call him at any moment and introduce me to him because they were friends, I only want them to correct my thesis. I remember being so excited and wanting to tell my Foucault freak friends.

Well studying a Doctorate make you have a tricky unconscious. Why couldn't be me Foucault lover?, or better Bourdieu, his was handsome and heterosexual.

Take the kids yesterday to watch "A Summer's night dream" at my daughter school. They behave so well that I'm impress.
Oedipus comment that this was a good piece of work no like the "wash your teeth crap" he saw at his own school in the morning. Then he comment that Puck could give Peter Pan a run of his money at any moment.
Electra ask me if Shakespeare was always so funny or if it was an adaptation, it seems classic must be boring at her eyes. Then she too add a comparison with "The story of a little water drop". Shakespeare win too.
I'm happy they could appreciate quality!.
Go Shakespeare. Some time people confused childish and ninny things with "appropriate" for kids stuff. I truly avoid on stepping into that.
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Why? Oh, why? (Melodramatic sight)
Every time I send a comment or write in my journal I check spelling, and read it two times, then I send the message...only to find out a few mistakes (Bad Dobby, bad)
I tend to confuse "an" with "and"; "think" with "thing", "now" with "Know" and so the stupidity goes on. Without counting the phrases I built up with Spanish structure. Verb tenses are my other headache.

Shame on me!

Little Oedipus had Taekuondo classes today. He came to me, bright and shinny eyes, exclaiming: That was fantastic!

He also said "It's good to came back to school after being absent so many days". (Wow, for a boy who use to hate school is a BIG progress).

Finally, he spent half the afternoon teaching me Yoga - her teacher practice with them everyday. I finish so relax that I’m considering naming him my personal trainer.

A last thing, I met a professor who made his PhD in Russia with Vigotsky disciples, the very same that emigrate to Israel and were teachers of Feurestain!!!! (sp?). The man knew a lot, he is a real master. In five minutes I learn more about Pavlov, Vigotsky and Piaget than years of studying. (The weird thing is that I have an erotic dream with him*, not that I fancied him, but I must recon that intellect appeals me in lots of unconscious ways)
As all real experts, he is a very warm and shy person. He agree to came home for a barbecue. Hurray!

*The man could be my father (urghh)
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I know why I'm having nightmares. Is my thesis. I need to finish it this year, and I'm scared. So afraid that I can't do it, that I'm sort of paralyzed, can't sit down and work on it.I'm avoiding working in that research as much as I can. But at the same time I felt terribly guilty about that.
Anxious, guilty, scared; not a good combination at all.
I understand this sound very childish, but this feeling of not being competent is bigger and bigger.
A friend of mine defend his thesis in a private exam, the commission ask him question for three hours! I panic by the mere thought of that. But the State don't pay me a scholarship, just to panic in the last part of the path. Isn't it? I need to broke the avoiding - guilt - panic - avoid chain of events.
Hubbie can't understand me, he, who is always supportive to me, find his limits here, he only see the avoiding work, not the emotions behind it. We both end angry and frustrate when we talked about my thesis.
... Hey First rain of the year!
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We sing all the papers today. The car is mine, mine, mine...well hubbie too. We have a big fun noting that, one of the 7! former users was "Quenita Larraín"; a chilean super model that have dump in the althar a football celebrity we all love. Not that I cared, as Petunia Dursley says.

Boss, from the bad university, called me. He want´s me to guide a Master's thesis (?). I now I can do it. in Chile we said: "Pajarito nuevo la lleva", that means, that the newest one get the worst work; hope is not the case)

Bad/Good university )

Little Atenea's tamtrum )

I have another nightmare yesterday. I not a one for nightmares but this was defetnily not a funny one. I need to check on my life, thesis is make me anxious.
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Susana [livejournal.com profile] pigwidgeon37 finally gives signals of life. It seems that it was only a chain of different events that keep her apart from the PC. Health was only one of them.
I've been part of fandom during the a year, during the process I met lots of people, but what I find extrange of this kind of comunity is the fact that is that someone could get harm and you'll never know about her/him. Maybe are my latin roots but is just so weird.

In a more mundane aspect,I am Athenea, YEY!


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

About Athenea junior )

Another weird nightmare )
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OK, I change my classic "I forgot to assist to classes and fail" to a new version: I went to teach in a swim-bath, my daughter's one, and stand in front of the class with no idea of what to say. My subconscious has updated it self.


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