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2017-08-12 10:19 pm

The banality of evil

It's time to re read Hanah Arendt:

“Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.”

“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”
"Apparently nobody wants to know that contemporary history has created a new class of human beings: the class of those who are confined in concentration camps by their enemies and in internment camps by their friends

Edited so we can raise our spirits:

“We humanize what is going on in the world and in ourselves only by speaking of it, and in the course of speaking of it we learn to be human.”

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2017-06-29 12:13 am


This past month I did all the birthdays in advanced, except [personal profile] torino10154  (28) and [ profile] pearle9240  (29), those I did the day before their birthdays and scheduled so it could be post on due time as usual. The thing is,they were posted the very minute I save it but with the date I entered. It might be me being tired or just Lj being a bitch. 

Any idea what the problem could be? Me or Lj?

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2017-06-27 12:02 am

Cake challenge.


There is a Harry Potter themed cakes or scenes challenge at [community profile] sshg_hub [ [ profile] sshg_hub at Lj].

The idea is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of when Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published. Bake, craft, draw, paint/photo manip a Harry Potter cake and take a picture. Just remember you don't need to be a professional chef or artist in order to participate, the idea is that we all have some fun. (I'm planning to bake and decorate a cake even if I'm not an artist AT ALL, even Hagrid bakes better than I do)
Read the "anti-rules" here: Lj or DW . It's all quite simple and easy to do.

I want to thank [personal profile] toblass for picking what it was a very "raw" idea and turn it into a propper challenge!.

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2017-05-14 10:45 pm

(no subject)

Sometimes I think I give birth to the reincarnation of Saint Francis of Assisi that, or my boy made a poverty vow without me knowing. He is not a penny pincher, far from it; he is a very generous boy. It's just that trying to buy him clothes it's an odyssey. His tennis has three holes on it, and we have to insist on buying him a new one. We are grateful he was gracious enough as to allow us to buy it...we would have like to buy two, but then we know a lost battle when we face it: "What is the point if I will only use one anyway?"
Today, we manage to buy him a hoodie with his tennis:
"It stressed me to go out shopping with you both, always pushing for me to buy more". We don't go against his will, he won't use things we buy him, so we suggest he might need another pair of whatever he is buying.

We always wanted our kids to be austere, but this guy has taken things too far in the austerity department.


The great
Coffeeonthepatio has writen another fic: Eastbank Pharmaceuticals It's still a WIP.


Officer Granger is sent on a mission to observe a suspect in newly developing Death Eater activity 18 years after the war ended.


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2017-05-14 12:31 am

A matter of trust

I'm currently reading an old Snape /  Shacklebolt story call A matter of trust by [ profile] kais and [ profile] josan . It's the first time I read this pair and I'm enjoying it. It's a novella set after Goblet of fire events.

In my health front:

It seems most women in my city decide to visit their gynecologist, as I'm unable to make an appointment any time soon.

I'd been shot with my vitamin B which make the brain fog and fatigue recede a lot. I was tired of feeling exhausted all the time. B1, B6, B12 are my best friends!

Career advice:

I met with one of my boy former classmate, a shy bookish girl who wanted to meet with me for career advice. She wants to be a teacher and wants my opinion.
I am a teacher, I love pedagogy, yet I wanted to tell her No! with all my guts. I refrained from doing so, as it is not my place to block her options. I didn't even oppose my own girl decision to go into pedagogy!.
I honestly think it's a hard path to follow, and I doubt at age 18 you even grasp the complexities of said route. What I did, was to present her the good, the bad and the ugly of this career avenue.
I explain to her how happy this career made me and why I'm not teaching at schools anymore. She want's to work in alternative education, so I tried to make her realise what that path involves in terms of life options. 
Pedagogy trends in the era of neoliberalism is much more about standardised test, productivity and the reproduction of inequality rather than social justice, and child centre approaches. It could be really frustrating for someone who wants to make a difference to get into the system. It might well crush her, but isn't her right to try?

It made me feel a little cynic and very old.
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2017-05-06 06:42 pm

An ethical question

There is an author whose fics I like: Josan

She haven't been around in 9 years. Some of her fics are at an Angelfire web page she hasn´t updated since 2006. Most of her work are at both her live journals blogs [ profile] josanpq

  or [ profile] tales_of_josan , which were last updated during  2008. This worried me, since Livejournal announced last month that bloggers who didn't accept the new ToS will see their blogs deleted in six more months. I'd try to contact Josan through her mail but the adress was not found. (See Termination of Inactive Accounts by Administration )**

I'd been thinking about moving her fics to A03
acknowledging her authorship and the reasons why I'm posting them in another site, but I'm of two minds about it. I wasn't Josan's friend and I have no idea about her thoughts on a topic like this. I just know she stop updating but she never withdrew her fics from where she post it.

I'd seem so beautifull fics lost through the years because the site in which they were posted were shut down. It will sadden me to lost this ones too. Should I save her fics at A03?

Please share your thoughts on this.



The Administration reserves the right to delete the Account and the Blog if access to the Blog is not carried out by the User for more than 6 months in a row or was limited during the same period in connection with the violation of the Agreement.


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2017-04-27 03:59 pm

English vs Spanish

I hate how bad I am with English verbs conjugations. I'd just need to remember I know how to conjugate them in Spanish, maybe I'd be less intimidated by them.

English vs Spanish verbs

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2017-04-16 02:16 pm

Crossposting II

Thanks for all your useful tips. Let's see if I'm a good learner. My last 2 posts here at DW didn't have a  footer if I had been a good student this post should have a proper footer. Feel free to comment at LJ or DW, whatever suit you best.

I forgot to tell everyone that I maintain my 
[personal profile] nocturnus33[personal profile] nocturnus33  name at DW, even If I'm not 33 yr old anymore but 46. I'm still trying to understand DW. I hope I have friend people properly.

Does any of you know if it is possible to crosspost from a DW blog to a LJ community. I want to continue posting at 

[ profile] sshg_hub .



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2017-04-05 11:49 pm

(no subject)

Happy birthday Shiv! I'm sorry I couldn't post a birthday cake for you. I still haven't manage to fully understand this platform.

I hope you have a nice day, full of shoes, blonds and peacocks.
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2017-04-03 11:21 pm


So, it is dreamwith for me now. I'm sad. I'd been part of Livejournal community since 2004 (or 2003). There is no way I will blindly agree with some unknown term of service in a cryptic language. Part of me want to just agree and pretend that nothing will happen, though.
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2016-08-27 10:03 pm

I can't draw challenge.

It seems my neurones are on holiday. I can't post my draw at [ profile] akatnamedeaster's place nor I'm able to upload properly here. The damn picture refuse to look in the right direction.

Here is my Snape grading during a Saturday night.

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2015-08-20 11:06 am


Please alow me to preen.

I arrived to this university in 2011 to be in charge of the education department. My team had no scientifc publications then. None. Zero.

Today we receive the campus publication stats from the last 4 years.

We are the team with more publications at this campus. We are better than the Vet department who has their own research center but less publications than we have.

We are far, far away from the stats of a big U but for us it is great. We are a very small team.

It is a great achivement: we went from 0 to 13 papers and there are 3 more waiting to be publish.

Yeah! We rock. I'm very proud of my team.
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2015-05-29 06:51 pm

World Greatest Procastinator

Friday is my free name only. At least I can avoid my office and stay at home reading and writing a little and do other reasearch related stuff.

Early this morning I have a brief hang out session with my research team wich consisted in me listening because my voice is almost non existant (Blessed the flu)

After that I created a big to-do list and then ... proceed to procastinate. I shamesly stay in bed the whole day wich is lovely because it is freezing outside.

I complained I was cold and hubby make me a hot water bottle (Yes, I do use those and love them)

I said I have cravings of something sweet and he cooked "Limean Woman's Sigh" (Suspiro de limeƱa) which is a traditional Peruvian dessert that I love.

Currently, he is building a chicken coop (He dismantle it and create a new one all over again in another side of the garden)

I should be feeling guilty but I'm not.

So in order to continue being lazzy...would you rec me a finished fic?, it doesn't matter if it's an oldie.


Sin & vice has been update! My night is now complete...well, ahem, mostly ;)
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2015-05-20 10:47 pm

The Therapist on Cmelak Street

ChristinaFay is posting a silly little fic that has amused me a lot. It's a 3-part short Hermione/Severus romantic comedy, currently through the 2nd chapter.

Author's summary:

A 3-part short romantic comedy involving a unique address, a young witch who was adamant that she was in dire need for therapy, and a potions master who firmly believed he had no reason whatsoever to be involved in such nonsense.

So go and read The Therapist on Cmelak Street
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2015-05-09 08:27 pm

(no subject)

After coming back from the oculist I had a long nap. Four hours of deep sleep. It deed me much good. I'd been really exhausted and working so much.

As if the nap wasn't good enough I spendt the rest of the afternoon in bed reading and watching movies with my boy. Hubby, being an active man, worked in the garden and cook for us.
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2015-05-03 04:33 pm

What are you reading?

I'm currently reading Sin & Vice. It's a very good WIP by [ profile] mak5258

Severus and Hermione are important tools in the war and treated by Dumblodore as such.

It is very well written, with strong character development and a good plot. I love the way the love relation builds up.

Already 23 chapters and the author update regularly.

What are you reading?
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2015-02-18 01:19 am

Earth tremble

There was an earth tremble 5.9 (Ritcher) while I was showering ... I didn't felt it. Which is odd. I'm use to this kind of things but not feeling it is ridiculous.
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2015-02-14 03:36 pm

(no subject)

Hubby and I went for a large walk by the sea. I'm ultra relaxed after it, I'm considering a nap.

Last night, hubby and the kids went fishing. That left all the internet and it's broadband for meeeeeeeeee. I spendt the night watching this lecture on Shakespeare: "Speaking the bright and beautiful English of Shakespeare" by Ben Crystal. I learn a lot and enjoy it. It didn't hurt that Ben Crystal is very handsome.

I'm currently re reading Snape's oceans by Theolyn. I like her healed Snape, living in the solitude of a greek island.
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2015-02-10 04:34 pm

(no subject)

I've spendt all day being lazzynes incarnate. I let everybody do as they pleased. The result is kids spending a obscene amount of time with their computer and me closing my eyes to un-maded beds.

My boy who spendt part of the morning diving, is now watching anime. My girl is inmersed in a "Breaking bad marathon", divided within her like for the serie and being anoyed for it insulting portrail of latin people. It's amusing to listen to her ranting about it.

I've been spending the morning re-reading "From the Corner" and searching for covers from my favorites songs. I'm specially enjoying U2 covers of The Beatles and Michel Jackson version of Come together