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Three fights with hubby in three days. A record. Not one I like.
But we are both tense. I hate what money could do to couples. Is not the money for it self but the stress of it.
Sometimes the virtue of the ones you love could be turned into vices. At least that is what happening to me at the time. Víctor is the most caring, generous and comunitary person I ever met, and that is irritaiting me the hell out of it!
At this moment I don't need him playing Mother Theresa with the world, I need him supporting ME and taking care of the house logistics.
We are broken, BROKEN, but he invite the workmen (long story) to drink bear on Friday, to lunch here yesterday (That was avoided because evil wife schreeked like a bangee) and to eat chineese food at a restaurant tonight AND he is anoyed with me because I am in a mood about all this.
He also (and I acepted this more gracefully) comitted to take his dad to doctor apointment and some exams for several days. WEll my father in law is old, he can't move alone, well it is ok to do that, even if he had four more sisters. But Mordor is just at the other side of the city, so he need to wake at six to reach my in law every day. Then get to the other side, and finally take him back. Yesterday we ran out of gas and had no more money for it, pretty, isn't it? Mercifully my sister in law lend us money. LEND us, for taking care of my in law, is her Dad too!. Grrrrrr.
Even my mum is abusing him. She bought an old appartment and he is completly re making it for free! He start working before christmas. He is in his hollydays for God sake! Last year was the need of making some rooms at my sister in laws house soo my monsters in law could leave there (fair); the year before that one was the house of a very loved friends, wich was eaten by those flying ants that eat wood (no idea the english name). So Victor re build their house. I like that, I hate that at the same time.
I mean, this saint complex is getting me tired. I love him (that is out of the question) but I need to end my thesis, this month. And is not politicallly correct for me to complain, because he is "so goooooood". That is the Greek choir every friend said every time I complain. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank God fandom brought me some good updates to cheer up.
Az I ougth you not only the lovely term: monster in law, but the Sauron and Mordor mental pictures (Now all my RL friends are refering to their monster in law as Sauron)AND the updated of Objects in a shitty day

Is good to bitch, I felt re new after this post. Thanks.
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And earthquacke in Saturday morning (just a earth tremble, long but no one dies, no building damage), also hubby and I has killed 5 corner spiders since then, those are th only lethal one in this country. I hate the idea of an exterminator, but I hate most the idea of one of those killing my kids.
Maybe this things has cause my extrange mood.
More calm now that I know the cause of my anxiety.

Whiny post

Aug. 29th, 2004 07:48 pm
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I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now, and I really don't know how. My heart continue doing this extrange loops in an a rithmic compass, my stomach lurch. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.
No idea, I have no concius reason for this. Slept all day. Tonight was an insomnia one. Hate this, I can put my finguer in it, I can't even blame PMS. Grrrr.


Jul. 6th, 2004 02:57 pm
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Hi, I went to an Aromatherapy session and a biomagnetism one (Mum gift) I'm soooo relax.

Any one having problems with LJ updates, I have no friends entry since July 4.
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1.Realized that it was the last day to pay AMCE (A world congress in education) ... should call and beg for them to wait me until monday.
2.Realized that I have forgot to return 4 books in library..should have do it on March 7. (Get lost in my very clean and "bookfree" office)
3. Do three times the same class to different groups, first two was incredible dinamic, group third were bored out of their skull. I felt Binns incarnate.
4. I was invited to a friend house, and just forgot about it. Je.

And...tarata taaan: my period hasn´t start yet (shudders), if I'm pregnant I will be happy, but believe me, I have no baby plans in short or middle time). March was a stressful month. So i may blame it for the lateness.


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