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Today my lovely Oedipus says he don't like english classes because he could risk to loose his own language!
Can you belive it? He is five! The boy is always finding rational thoughts to prove his cause. He is amazing (...and I'm Electra)
Any case, I do know he enjoy his english classes too, it seems that the alphabeth is not a challenging topic for him. Dear boy.

Spring have decide to come full force, all the prunes and almond and cherry trees has blossom, also the "aromos" (yellow blossom). The air is warm and full of the escence of flowers. Yesterday night I saw the most amazing full moon, the sky was clean and I saw her comming with all her magesty besides the mountains. First the glow, then very slowly, parts of the moon. Los Andes were a huge dark shadow while the moon make her entrance. Have I ever tell you I live at the Andes feets?. I have a strong belonging feeling with that mountain, I never cease to marvell at it beauty.
If you ask any chilean kid to draw his house, they will start drawing the snowing mountin all through the horizon, like the breast of their mum; only then they would organize the rest of the picture elements.
When I travel out of Chile, I always felt something is misssing, like a protection, and it is my Andes.

In the FMS front I have been tired all day, sleep a shamefully long nap. Tried to work in my thesis, but words flood in a surrealistic way "power", "discourse", "knowledge", "Foucault" all like a shapeless mess in my brain fog. Pity, tuesday is my work - on - thesis - day...well Friday too, so I will need to work harder then. In any case spring is beautifull and I won't let FMS to spoil it.


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