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Things with hubby are improving, he is giving me more mental space for thesis.
He went to paint our friends appartment, and when he refuses to be paid for it, I picked the check. I am mean. That paid two bills.

I also start reading him alloud while we drive, we used to do that long time ago and then discontinued that for some reason or other. That give us time to relax and talk other topics. In these case we are both filling our gaps in history of Chile (All of us, the children of dictatorship had very poor local history classes).

Yesterday I complete 300 pages of thesis, that could be full of crap. But I'm happy to see that number wrotte on my computer while I work in that document. I know it is childish, number is not quallity but I felt motivated by it.

Little Oedipus started weting his pants and being really whiny. He is not like that. With Elizabeth we decided to forbid the computer two days ago. His mood change inmediatly and no more wet pants!. I will do a little research about the PC effect on little kids.

Just because everybody does it:

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can be assured that you're as weird as they thought.

1. Terry from Candy & Terry )
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Three fights with hubby in three days. A record. Not one I like.
But we are both tense. I hate what money could do to couples. Is not the money for it self but the stress of it.
Sometimes the virtue of the ones you love could be turned into vices. At least that is what happening to me at the time. Víctor is the most caring, generous and comunitary person I ever met, and that is irritaiting me the hell out of it!
At this moment I don't need him playing Mother Theresa with the world, I need him supporting ME and taking care of the house logistics.
We are broken, BROKEN, but he invite the workmen (long story) to drink bear on Friday, to lunch here yesterday (That was avoided because evil wife schreeked like a bangee) and to eat chineese food at a restaurant tonight AND he is anoyed with me because I am in a mood about all this.
He also (and I acepted this more gracefully) comitted to take his dad to doctor apointment and some exams for several days. WEll my father in law is old, he can't move alone, well it is ok to do that, even if he had four more sisters. But Mordor is just at the other side of the city, so he need to wake at six to reach my in law every day. Then get to the other side, and finally take him back. Yesterday we ran out of gas and had no more money for it, pretty, isn't it? Mercifully my sister in law lend us money. LEND us, for taking care of my in law, is her Dad too!. Grrrrrr.
Even my mum is abusing him. She bought an old appartment and he is completly re making it for free! He start working before christmas. He is in his hollydays for God sake! Last year was the need of making some rooms at my sister in laws house soo my monsters in law could leave there (fair); the year before that one was the house of a very loved friends, wich was eaten by those flying ants that eat wood (no idea the english name). So Victor re build their house. I like that, I hate that at the same time.
I mean, this saint complex is getting me tired. I love him (that is out of the question) but I need to end my thesis, this month. And is not politicallly correct for me to complain, because he is "so goooooood". That is the Greek choir every friend said every time I complain. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank God fandom brought me some good updates to cheer up.
Az I ougth you not only the lovely term: monster in law, but the Sauron and Mordor mental pictures (Now all my RL friends are refering to their monster in law as Sauron)AND the updated of Objects in a shitty day

Is good to bitch, I felt re new after this post. Thanks.
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Falling Further In has been updated. That fic was sort of an obssession for me looong ago, but has any sense to read a chapter risking a 12 month waiting for the next?. I think I'll wait till is finished, if is ever finish.


Wrote to my sister, and she suported me: Mum could be a passive agressive bitch at times (pity each time is closer and closer). Now what do I do with that piece of information?. I certainly don't want to leave dancing to her tune the rest of my life, but I dont want to run to Europe like my sister did. I live ten blocks from her and I love her dearly. Why emotions are so complicated?

I wonder now if part of my problems with my monster in law (Lovely term stolen from AZ) aren't in a way a proyection with my problems with mum. Both are passive agressives bitchs.


In parenthood front: Both kids were arguing:
Me: - Stop fighting right now.
Them: - Is not fighting, just discussing.
Me: Grmphph.
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Surely you'd never tasted cuchuflí.
Pity, is a lovely chilean sweet.

Pronounce it: Koo - Choo - flea. Usually eat by kids. My grown up boy brought a box of them. And I was so well on fibro diet!!!!!!!. Sod off.

Can't resist it. After a whole day working on my thesis and with a six hours class to prepare, well cuchufli is welcome. Huby will have to deal with a whining fibro wife. His fault ;D

Cuchuflí are like cigarettes, a little wider. They are a pastry full of "manjar", a sweet cream made of milk, sort of fudge but softer, all of this covered with dark chocolate. Mmmmmmmm.


On other events, something odd happend. Bad U gave us the wrong salary AGAIN, this time was hubby's turn. That is starting to be an habit. The dean heard about it and dress down all the accountability department, what I felt it was OK. Here came the odd thing; Dean called hubby to his ofice and beg his pardon for the problems this situation is causing to us. Then he offer him to lend him the money, FROM HIS POCKET, till the situation is fixed.

I would had refused it, but it wasn't me there but hubby, who accept and thanks him. Even if it was an amazing and kind gesture; and that we really are in need of that money, it just don't felt right to me.

Well, things are done. I'm dying of embarassment, hate this, but at the same time I felt moved and deeply touch by his concern on us.

Stole it from Pandora Nervosa.
Like the idea of the forget me not.

The Potion Maker
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Mix with nocturnus33! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern
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Today was first work day after independence hollydays. When I was a student it never cross my mind that teacher could have school phobia too.
Students were Ok, their hangover faces speak volumes. They didin't concentrate much on Piere Bourdieu theory. They were more concern in napping. I felt like Binns today.

I really didn't want to return. No,no, no. But I did. Hellish university didn't pay our salary. It was suppoused to be the 14, but U was closed for vacations!. Today they said the check would be ready on October 5!!!!! They will pay us two month together, big consolation. Hubby an I work together there, so you could picture our financces state.

Mr. Dean: I have the bad habit of feeding my family daily!.

Hate them, trully does. Now the bank is calling me, and I only smile sweetly and ask them to wait me. (As if they care).
Well, time to look for other U. This one pay well but is a hell of annal retentives righties that look professors as cheap workers.

My net connection keep going down, want to kick my PC.

In a more cheering topic, boy has a speech tomorrow: The snake. Everybody help as, even Ann (Ozratbag) send me links of australian snakes. Now the guy is little Snake know it all, but what concern him more, is to tell the teacher that "basilistic petrified people, and is the more scary snake of all". GOOD.
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I'm broken, ask mum for money last week, she says she don't have any. Ok, I accept that, she has just spent a month in Capri and Barcelona...
As a birthday gift she give me a real good book (won't complain), a few bucks (not much, but no complain there) and a very fancy and expensive jacket and a sweater as fancy as the jacket. It might cost a fortune! I'm so angry, I need money for paying bills for God sake.
She is usually very generous, but a kind of "paternalist" generosity, she come here with expensive gifts and buy the kids tons of clothes.
If she wouldn't add the jacket and the sweater, I wouldn't be upset. Is not the gift itself, neither the money (Gods know how much I need it), is the gesture, I felt as if I was invisible to her. She don't actually see my need, just see what she want: a fancy daughter, which I'm not, and will never be. Mind you.
I need to pay bills: light, gas, phone, schools. The money that those clothes cost would have do it marvelous for paying some of it.
As for the lovely part:
Kids give me lots of lovely drawings. One with Albus Dumbledore in it. They also brings me breakfast: If I don't developed diabetes would be a miracle. Breakfast consist in a tray with a chocolate bar, a mug of hot chocolate, pineapple with syrup and a BIG piece of cake, and finally, a melted cheese sandwich. I eat it all obediently.
We spend the morning in bed just talking and making plan for the evening, we are all going to visit the museum, and they plead for Mac Donald (which we strictly forbid, not only for the trash food but for what it means to latin people) but for today it will be.
As for hubby, he is very down today, I felt that he is always offend by Mum. Last weekend we went to see POA (at last) as a birthday gift.
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Ok. The car is fixed. The man who fixed make as a real good price (lower than it should), because he believes that "no one should expend in a car more than in health". The bill is yet expensive for us right now, but the first man who saw the car says is will be $1.100 only in materials. This one, is asking for $461 considering his work and the materials. Still is 2/3 of my salary.
He also give us the car and said we could come with the money when we have it. Without asking for any guarantee!
I'm deeply moved. We are gone a give him half of the money the first week of July and the rest on August, but he take our word, just like that.
Now we have put that bloody car on sale.
We are still totally broken, but hubby is dealing with that better. I don't care much about financial problems, we will have more money in two months more, but it concerns me the way it affects my husband. He was really poor in his childhood, and this kind of situations wake those ghosts from the past.
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The health system decided to pay half of Oedipus hospitalitation, worst thing?
They don't accept three checks only cash.
Hubby is in THAT mood. Hate money problems only for that mood.
Car arrives from the beach.

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To tired to write. Just come back from the weekend from hell.
We went to the beach so Oedipus could breath some healthy air.
The car run out of order in the middle of the rute.
Dominique, one of my best friend, has to wake her children in the middle of the night, dress them to the Polo chill, and rescue us. So instead of being at the beach, we spent three days with Domi who lives at the country side. That was the good part, bad part was that the red car has literally die. We could make some arragenments that cost over million pesos (Dollar is $700 chilean pesos, we earn $600.000). We will sell it, and at least finish to pay the car debt and the arrangement.
Also, we sleep in the worst bed ever. They are called futon, and are japanese. Achh, hate it.
Oedipus wake both nights at 5:30, and never slept again.
A good thing was, that a couple of parents from my daughter class, were near Dominique's house (small world) and offer to bring her and the bags to Santiago (where we live).
So we arrive today by bus, and start looking at the silver beetle keys for picking Athenea jr....only to find out that they were at the red car, two hours away from home. Can I curse?

Nocturnus33 has fragile contents which may break!


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It is a rainy day, with lots of wind. Just the sort I love. The smell of wet earth is everywhere.

I teach little Oedipus how to play marbles. He is so happy. Doctors said he could go to school next monday, I'm glad, he is getting a little bored here.
He wants me to teach him english, but I have no patience for that. He insisted in say Berstein instead of Wensday, and the rest of the days are worst. I think I would leave that task to the english teacher.

My twenty things )

To day we went to recived the clinic account, well, enough is to say it was LOTS of money.
I went to greet a woman, who has her child nest to my boy at the UCI, and nurses told me she was not there anymore, her baby died last Friday.

I can't stop thinking in her.

Hubbie is still in that weird mood, the one he gets when we have money problems. But is a little better now, I convinced him to take a natural flower pills that has calming effects.


Apr. 14th, 2004 02:30 pm
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Wendynat propose this, so here you are:

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this, allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

The boy is ok, dougther a little jealous, hubbie...unsufurable, money problems & health problems are to much preasure for him...and his Master will start in a week, eeeww!
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Sorry about the last post, don't now what I do wrong but there were three entire paragraphs missing.

I will try to recreate them here, so probably hubbie WILL be sleeping when I go to bed.

No difficult technology here, that doesn't work for me.

Ok. Little boy is a lot better, My Cousin who is a doctor doubts that this is Asthma (?), so I will start a roundrobin through those "homo humble sapiens" which are doctors. Cheers, just what I want.

The boy is using oxygen with this sort of mask in the nose and mouth, he called it "the cruel thing"...always the melodramatic, that's my son! He is very pale, with dark shadows under his eyes, eating very poorly.

I need to lit a canddle in honour to Saint JK Rowling and her OotP, I read and read and read a lot to him. Not that he pay attention, mind you. He is only five after all. But he finds my voice soothing, and potter verse is something dear and secure for him. So he was connect with the plot sometimes, then he humble a tone, IF I dare to stop he snap at me (His inner Snape is serious thing).

My uncounsious protect me this time, I was sure he was at the UCI (Intermadiate Care Unit) but he was at the UTI (Intensive treatment Unit); by the time I realized my mistake, he was safe, and I could digest that pice of information.

A hard thing for the day was meeting others mums, with really ill kids. There was one women, tiny and thin, with a expression of sadness that could ripped you insde. Very young, no relatives to support her. With her baby having four cirguries the last week. She owes twice the price of my house to this clinic, and she knew she will ow more soon. When I ask her to come with us for lunch, she excuse herself saying her dad will bring her some. The truth: no money for lunch. Hubbie bring her some, there was relief in her face.
Chilean health system sucks, private one is good and expensive. I mean EXPENSIVE. Public one is BAD, VERY BAD and cheap. With the help of insurances you could afford certain problems, but soon enough they found a way to step aside. This economical system is shit!

In a lighter mood. I love hubbie again. After economical debacle he was acting ...well how to phrase it correctly? Like a complete arsewhole?. Yes, that will cover it. Totally annal retentive and stupid. I was considering kindly killing him, just for a while, you know. But know he is my hero, very Humphrey Bogart a like. He really saved little Oedipus, all could have been far worse, if hadn't been for him.
He loves me too, 'cause I called our boss, who is semi friend (does something like that exist?), tell him all the pay check tango, explain the sitaution of our son and excuse for bothering for such little things (as paying hubbie's work). He really was in shock, no one has tell him a word of El Negro not being payd. And he say El Negro ( should go tomorrow to solve things (Friendshipcracy as opposed to any other form of goverment, is what rule Chile, not very ethical). Well, THAT dears girls, is a potent aphrodisiac. Hubbie is coughing, in THAT way again. He swear that the cough stuff is sexy. Poor boy. So it seems he hasn't fall asleep yet.

Jinni update contractual obligations, and Kaz her Grasping at normality. I'm in need of my escapism dosis tonight. To bed? or not to bed? That is the question.

PS: I loved the way El Negro sounds in an english context, kind of sexy. Like an old mexican movie.
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It seems the University will recon it mistake, but will return the money to hubbie in five (5!) little payments during the semester. In Chile we have a expresion for that: ¡Cara 'e raja!
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There is an old play, in which kids are send to buy eggs to the next corner, but you never reach to the corner in wich you actually could sell your eggs. (Very confusing, I know)
Well, this play is a good example of chilean bureaucracy.
Hubbie lost all day "selling eggs" (Not his, thank godness)...but he will do it willingly if things don't get resolve soon (je).
He is near a nervous break down trying to find where, in the burocracy chain, the university made the mistake with his pay check.
Is "no one" responsibility.
It seems that will need to wait to May 6 to have the entire check of April. Unbelivable.
I manage to calm him a little, asking a credit for the exact amount missing.
Poor thing, he really don't know how to handle money crisis.
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On march - when colleges and universities starts the term; we found our classes reduce in 40%... so equally less paid. Well we make the necessary adjustment, but to day the pay check was 1/3 what we were expexcting!!!!!. They tell us it was and account mistake, and will pay us the difference NEXT MONTH. The problem beeing, that we have the bad habit of eating on daily basis.
I am woried, but no so much, the problem is hubbie, he gets really anxious with money problems, coming from a poverty background don't help in the issue. I don't know how to help him to relax, is very little what we could do right know.


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