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Insomnia, again. Three nights in a row. I fall asleep as a rock for two hours, and then I end as awake as an owl … so lets post.

At least there is a lot to read. I’m behind the reading of last week challenge of [ profile] 30minutefics, there had been a lot of good entries. Today [ profile] melisande88 made a very good one. Is a study of Filch, I hate the man, and she made a good work making me hate him more. Is very welll writen and words are master in a great way. Is a good little piece.

Dr. Faustus, I presume?

Also [ profile] laguera update Summon.
Chaos and Needfire were update today. It will at last be a good insomnia. I refuse to work. Let make insomnia something fun!

Whiny post

Aug. 29th, 2004 07:48 pm
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I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now, and I really don't know how. My heart continue doing this extrange loops in an a rithmic compass, my stomach lurch. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.
No idea, I have no concius reason for this. Slept all day. Tonight was an insomnia one. Hate this, I can put my finguer in it, I can't even blame PMS. Grrrr.
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Hubby cell phone is making this anyoing Beep to announce it needs to be energy charge, I cant find the wier to do so. And hubby is snoring so peacefully that I don't have the heart to woken him up. Why am i the only neurotic that it is awake by the sound?

Also my heart is having those strange loops all day. Like when you run, then stop. Should ask the doctor.

In mothering stuff some one hurt my baby and I'm heartbroken. My daughter (7) came very sad from school, her two boy friends (Two prehistoric brats call José Manuel and Eduardo), tell her they won't play with her any more because she needs to use dolls and barbies and get concern with girl stuff. She is a girl by the outside and a boy in the inside, they say. Urgghhhhhhhhhhh.
Hubby, ever the practical, just comment "Those are just two stupid "machistas" (chauvinistic?), I watch cartoons everyday and that dont turn me in a little kid", I suspect it wasn´t the answer she wants.
I hold her for a while, then I ask if they like Valentina (the fluffier girl in her class) and she say thay hate her because she has no brains; well, I tell her, she was a girl with brains and I don't wan't my daughter to turn into a girlish brainless moron. Then we develop an emergency plan, she will be playing with her other male firends and the girls that play with them. We will be inviting them home, so she just don't depends on the two prats.
Also we are having talks all the weekend, about what does mean to be a woman. I also explain her the concept of gender, and she catch it very well.
My poor little girl!, is amazing who you could feel when someone touch your kids. I know that the most probably end of this, is that th prats will have forget everything on Monday, and I will realized I over react.
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Dementors visit my bedroom.Insomnia again.
Woke up at 4:00 am and roll in the bed till I get tired of it.
It has been a creative night in any case, because I use the time to work in my both fics, the fibro one and the ficathon. The latest plot bunny is growing but I'm not sure how I will go from bunny to something worth reading. Any case it will be loosely based in Foucault Penndel from Umberto Ecco. While I'm not him, and I don't feel capable of his style and epistemic depth, I will "borrow" his plot basic lines. I know, is a murderer of his work, but who cares? I don't visualized him reading fanfic.
I also assault the kitchen and eat an obscene amount of mokka ice cream, any attempt to get the fibro diet on check died for tonight. It felt delicious. You know...medichocolate!
I suspect this insomnia is sort of post stress one, I felt cheated: Having insomnia in my vacation!

I tried to be Mac Gonagall, but clearly my soft heart betrtray me (Nods head shamefully):

Sprout - Herbology

Harry Potter: Which Hogwarts professor would you be?
brought to you by Quizilla
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They are always bitching me about the way my naps are interfering my nightly sleep. I'm preach on daily basis about that.
So I supress them.
Why I'm awake then?
It's ten to four AM, I wake up at midnight.
I felt cheated.


Jun. 17th, 2004 04:19 am
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Ok. 4:20 AM, a class to teach at 8:00.
Love sleeping disorders.
I slept over 18 hours, from tuesday to wendsday, wake up feeling sore and unrest. Was tired all day,can't concentrate in work, went to bed and: Surprised! Can't sleep.

There is a good ML fic called Meetings of minds.


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