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Oh!, this is a nice one shot:

Smarter Than They Look


Athena is ill: Too much Easter chocolate I guess.
Athena is happily watching cartoons trying not to grin when I ask her how she felt. The fact she don't want any breakfast or even smell of food make me certain this is real and not just another case of non schoolitis.

I'm at home, the nanny hasn't arrived yet. She travel to her house during the feasts. It seems all Chile decided to travel this weekend. The bus service collapsed. Hubby was in the road yesterday at 9 PM and arrived at Santiago at 3 AM!, he should have arrive at midnight, but there weren’t any more tickets and we bough the last one in a company that honors all the Hollywood cliches about Latin America. The bus did look dubious form the beginning. I guess Eli, the nanny, is in a similar situation right now.
I had to call to work and take the morning off in the hope the nanny to arrive sometime soon.
It make me nervous to skip work. Grrr.

My dog has the flu. What do you do with a German Sheppard with a sore throat? He is certainly barking a little less than usual. Poor thing!
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Shall this be a great day for you.


My monster in law left today. Hoorray!
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Re read HBP. In that scene at the infirmary; when everybody is next to Bill, the kids tell Harry what happened at the death eater attack. Well it seems to me they forgot to drink Felix Felicity. Apart for being alive the whole thing was a fiasco.

Two kids with non scholistis.
Oedipus is tired and Athena is scared of her teacher, I let them stay home. My daughter (9) was at the end of her teacher rage on Friday, it seems that the bitch shout to her in an awful way. She trembled and sob without control while telling me. The poor thing recognized she shouldn't have lost her homework, but also she is very aware that this was an act of violence and power abuse (Kids with critical thinking are not the best for school system)

She is a professional and need to behave like such. I don't buy the I'm like their second mother crab. I don't send them to school for having second mom. I send them to learn in the hands of a caring professional, as such I demand quality. Would I accept a pediatrician screaming at my kids? No. Well, neither I tolerate this crazy cow shout my daughter. Even if is common practice here is it against their professional ethics. Last term I shouted a group of students for the first time in 15 years of teaching, I apologize for shouting...even if I let them rot in hell for cheating.

In time like this homeschooling allure me. A lot.

Today hubby will go to talk to the teacher. Why hubby? I don't trust my self in this situations. AND he is a man in a chauvinistic culture. I learn to use that to my benefit long ago. (For Chileans: As my little boy say, this school is machistoso, well Chile is machistoso. Isn't it?).

When I shouted my kids in the past, I'd always talked to them before and I excused my self for loosing control; I doubted this bitch will do it unless "motivated" by hubby. He is a little like Snape when angry, stoned face, low voice, firm tone....Well I stop here or I'll assaulted him right now.

Did I tell you that is less and less grinish?. This weekend was a lot better than the previous weeks


Oedipus and I has a mother and son weekend. Athena went to Con Con (yea Fran, we should meet) with mom and my sister.
We went to the Avant Premiere of Chicken Little, this will be the last because mom will retire on January first. (So no premiere for Narnia, shit!. I'm use to free tickets at Disney movies, Opera and theatre). We also try to get into the art museum, but the park that sourrounds it was full of young people juggling, street theatres, drummers groups. Oedious (and I) was delighted, we spendt the whole evening there.


Lots of call for scholars at the newspaper. Crossfinguers.
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Things with hubby are improving, he is giving me more mental space for thesis.
He went to paint our friends appartment, and when he refuses to be paid for it, I picked the check. I am mean. That paid two bills.

I also start reading him alloud while we drive, we used to do that long time ago and then discontinued that for some reason or other. That give us time to relax and talk other topics. In these case we are both filling our gaps in history of Chile (All of us, the children of dictatorship had very poor local history classes).

Yesterday I complete 300 pages of thesis, that could be full of crap. But I'm happy to see that number wrotte on my computer while I work in that document. I know it is childish, number is not quallity but I felt motivated by it.

Little Oedipus started weting his pants and being really whiny. He is not like that. With Elizabeth we decided to forbid the computer two days ago. His mood change inmediatly and no more wet pants!. I will do a little research about the PC effect on little kids.

Just because everybody does it:

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can be assured that you're as weird as they thought.

1. Terry from Candy & Terry )
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Three fights with hubby in three days. A record. Not one I like.
But we are both tense. I hate what money could do to couples. Is not the money for it self but the stress of it.
Sometimes the virtue of the ones you love could be turned into vices. At least that is what happening to me at the time. Víctor is the most caring, generous and comunitary person I ever met, and that is irritaiting me the hell out of it!
At this moment I don't need him playing Mother Theresa with the world, I need him supporting ME and taking care of the house logistics.
We are broken, BROKEN, but he invite the workmen (long story) to drink bear on Friday, to lunch here yesterday (That was avoided because evil wife schreeked like a bangee) and to eat chineese food at a restaurant tonight AND he is anoyed with me because I am in a mood about all this.
He also (and I acepted this more gracefully) comitted to take his dad to doctor apointment and some exams for several days. WEll my father in law is old, he can't move alone, well it is ok to do that, even if he had four more sisters. But Mordor is just at the other side of the city, so he need to wake at six to reach my in law every day. Then get to the other side, and finally take him back. Yesterday we ran out of gas and had no more money for it, pretty, isn't it? Mercifully my sister in law lend us money. LEND us, for taking care of my in law, is her Dad too!. Grrrrrr.
Even my mum is abusing him. She bought an old appartment and he is completly re making it for free! He start working before christmas. He is in his hollydays for God sake! Last year was the need of making some rooms at my sister in laws house soo my monsters in law could leave there (fair); the year before that one was the house of a very loved friends, wich was eaten by those flying ants that eat wood (no idea the english name). So Victor re build their house. I like that, I hate that at the same time.
I mean, this saint complex is getting me tired. I love him (that is out of the question) but I need to end my thesis, this month. And is not politicallly correct for me to complain, because he is "so goooooood". That is the Greek choir every friend said every time I complain. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thank God fandom brought me some good updates to cheer up.
Az I ougth you not only the lovely term: monster in law, but the Sauron and Mordor mental pictures (Now all my RL friends are refering to their monster in law as Sauron)AND the updated of Objects in a shitty day

Is good to bitch, I felt re new after this post. Thanks.


Nov. 20th, 2004 02:50 pm
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I had the most strange dream.
I was a witch, potterverse one.
I was at my muggle home (actually my mum home) and I try to take my wand to defend my self or cast some regulars charms, but I kept taking knitting needles, all kinds and types of them. I end sorround by them and never find my wand.

Any one would like to play Freud? I'm clueless.

By the way, I bearly knit a scarf and with lot of effort. I'm defitnely no Molly Weasley. At least in the knitting front


The little one like very much his english classes.
As he don't even pronounce spanish well, you could imagene how his english is.
Tree and three, Mouth and Mouse, and Thursday ... sounds very funny.
He says his teacher keep teaching him silly things like the days of the week; and she don't realized he is an advance speaker.
When I ask him to show me he says:

"Wathchingwaer, coulfbweenf, *%/ ..."

Then he kindly ask me for a translation.
I would love to be as megalomaniac as a 5 year old kid could be.


In Chile we said that we, womens, always fall in love with Che Guevara, and once married we ask him to shave.

In my case is true. Víctor had long hair when we met, tyed in a ponytail, and used a Poncho (Chamanto?). Which would be the potterverse simil?

We fall in love with Severus Snape, and then we ask him to behave like Artur Weasley?. Uff!
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Today I end my master class. People were happy with me. It is funny, everybody would assume that, for teaching at a Master group, you should be a very confident academic.
Truth to be told, I always got stage panic before I start.
Most students are older than I!

But this year something good happen, I felt that now I had a word to say, a word of my own. The students come after class to thank me, and they say very nice things. Even the army and the communist guy were very content with the class.
To be honest, I'm living a process of re charm my relation with education, it seems that I'm moving from my skeptical mood. Being skeptical don't suit my personality. I still think that the educational system is a nazi one, but now I believe another world is possible.

Next week I need to present two lectures in an Iberoamerican Social Pedagogy Congress. Let us say I had just one ready (because I take it from my thesis work), the other one, just two or three main ideas. What a shame Nocturnus!.

Don't love me that much boy )
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I watch an "old" movie (1997) called Wag the dog, has any body seen it?. Is soooo funny. Is starred by Hoffman and De Niro, but in the best part, it was time to pick the kids. Now I'm dying to know how it ends. The plot is like this: Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to "fabricate" a war in order to cover-up a presidential sex scandal. It's a silly comedy, a satire, not a serious thing.

Tomorrow are Chilean local authorities elections (County chief?). They are very important because they are a test for our goverment. Pinochet guys, now reloaded, had a good chance to win. The elections will be very close, with a lot of youth abscent. Even if I'm very critic with my goverment, I can't deny President Lagos is a great estateman (?). Guess what? I lost my ID so I can't vote. Grrrrr.

Hubby just called, my lovely silver beetle is out of order, he is now at the streets. There are no places here to fix it because everything is close for the electionary process until tuesday.

My ginecological stupidity )

Whiny post

Oct. 23rd, 2004 04:14 am
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My boy is flying with fever, again. I had three urgent task to complete for work, opt by one - making a paper for a social pedagogy congress. Work all day, from 9:00 AM till 1:00 in the mornig. Save it. And the damn thing completely disapeared from my computer.

After a histeric tamtrum, I left hubby with the boy and went to a three hours nap. Take my thesis theoreical frame, and copy & paste it in a pastiche with academichal pretensious. Did it in 30 minutes. Is 4:20 am NOW, i'm heading to bed.
In a few hours I will be teaching a six hour sesion to a master group and...I havent prepared it. EH! My speaking inventive wil be at use.
My boy is talking like a little parrot and refuse to sleep. We have done all the things that are supoused to be done in a cae like this. Hubby will be nursing him. I'm exhausted and every inch of my back hurts.

I told you, this was a very whiny post in deed.
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Surely you'd never tasted cuchuflí.
Pity, is a lovely chilean sweet.

Pronounce it: Koo - Choo - flea. Usually eat by kids. My grown up boy brought a box of them. And I was so well on fibro diet!!!!!!!. Sod off.

Can't resist it. After a whole day working on my thesis and with a six hours class to prepare, well cuchufli is welcome. Huby will have to deal with a whining fibro wife. His fault ;D

Cuchuflí are like cigarettes, a little wider. They are a pastry full of "manjar", a sweet cream made of milk, sort of fudge but softer, all of this covered with dark chocolate. Mmmmmmmm.


On other events, something odd happend. Bad U gave us the wrong salary AGAIN, this time was hubby's turn. That is starting to be an habit. The dean heard about it and dress down all the accountability department, what I felt it was OK. Here came the odd thing; Dean called hubby to his ofice and beg his pardon for the problems this situation is causing to us. Then he offer him to lend him the money, FROM HIS POCKET, till the situation is fixed.

I would had refused it, but it wasn't me there but hubby, who accept and thanks him. Even if it was an amazing and kind gesture; and that we really are in need of that money, it just don't felt right to me.

Well, things are done. I'm dying of embarassment, hate this, but at the same time I felt moved and deeply touch by his concern on us.

Stole it from Pandora Nervosa.
Like the idea of the forget me not.

The Potion Maker
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Mix with nocturnus33! Username:
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Sep. 28th, 2004 09:28 pm
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I’m exhausted. Hubby had to give a report to the Dean of a professional career he had created. As he is currently being a very depressed hubby, had serious case of brain fog and couldn’t write a word.
Guess what? Right.
I produced a full report in three hours. It look pretty decent considering the circumstances.

Hubby’s situation has me really concern. He has those dark thoughts, up and downs days. I’m having a very watchful eye on him, and don’t dare to let him alone too much. At the same time, I’m tire of this, selfish as it sounds. But, well part of being a couple is to support each other… don’t mean that I actually need to enjoy it.

For all the ones in Florida, all my sympathies.

Does anyone else had LJ problems?, mine is being bitchy: Double posts, don’t show the pages, etc

And the ice of the cake:

My brand new molar fall while eating a raising! I put the piece in a napkin. When I look for it, my boy had threw it into the trash can.
How could you explain that unpredictible urge to clean?, I mean we are talking about a 5 yr old boy which I need to beg him daily to put his things in order! Lucky me.
Doctor told me it could happened (The mollar not the boy cleaning), and if it does I need to fly to the clinic (It was a complicated surgery, details are boring).
I went as an emergency, and stupid receptionist told me that emergencies were till 19:00 and it was 19:10. With a lot of calm and dignity I told her to write that explanation down, if something happened to me she will assume the legal responsibility of it.
Then I smile sweetly like Umbridge.
Rest assured you that she let me go and talk to my dentist. I hate bullying people and I hate saw my suspicious confirm that sometime people don’t care unless they deal with prepotency. GRRRRR.
I feel victorious but with a guilty conscience.
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We are on September holidays.
Spring is coming.
We spend all day at my in law's house with two of my my hubby's sisters. Lots of adults and seven kids of all ages.
It was a lovely day. Very calm and homey. It amazed me how - after 13 years - we all get along well. I really love them all, well I have difficulties with hubie's mother but even she was decent today.
My godson (2) have learn that I'm his godmother. I trying to teach him to call me "madrina" (Godmother), but every time I try he answer me "Tú" (you), so for the moment I'm just "you".
My father in law was pretty well, he has Parkinson, and sometimes he barely could talk, but to day we even convinced him to go for a walk.
We made a barbecue (I eat meat and bread, my Fibro will made me pay later). The nice thing is that this is slowly becoming a family tradition.
Tomorrow is September 18, our Independence day.
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At nights I'm so tired I can't concentrated on reading Lovedraughts fics. Today kids are at my mum's house, I have a free day - no classes at U - , and guess what?

Depress hubby is beeing anoying over dependant. Grrrr!

Sometimes I want to give him a Prozac milkshake and "fix" him in a second. Then I felt guilty of being so insensible because he was really supportive with me when I had my "PhD first year depression" some years ago. Never thought on how hard was depression to the others.

I love him, don't get me wrong, but I want my independance back! We are in this since April.
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Yesterday It was a good day after all.
My Mastery students has organized a barbecue because it was our last class.
They were truly nice, and told very cute things about me and my teaching style, also I must confess I'm very shy and prude to this kind of public demonstration of affection (Not very latin of me, isn't it?).
At the same time I was feeling very odd being on a party the 11. But I couldn't decline the invitation. I will miss this class, we get along very well, and felt they help me to articulate my pedagogical discourse.

In the afternoon hubby and I went to bed and watch to great programs about both 9/11 (19973 & 2001), It made me cry.
At night things were quite calm, usually 9/11/73 remembrance brings a lot of violence between poor teens (I really don't know why, they weren't even born, and I'm not sure if they understand the politics implictions of the date, a matter for a in depth study).

I'm used to hear gun shots, bombs, cries and police repression. I live at the andes feet, across a "river" there is a very poor population, there is where the violence take place. The sounds cross the valley and echoed in the mountain, so I listen to all as if were next door.

Usually, we get early to home,I can't sleep and wait. Yesterday it was almost quiet, just the light went off, but that is NOTHING compare to other years.

Hubby birthday would be tomorrow, I bought him an Hispanoamarican Erotic Poetry Anthology, from XV century to our times. He like to be pet as a cat while I read poetry aloud.

I know he will love it.


Sep. 7th, 2004 02:37 pm
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Went to a speech today, it was about the Piaget - Vigotsky debate, really enlightening, love it. Have lots of good feelings with the speaker, there was a moment in which he only talk to me, forgetting the rest of the audience, by the quality of the questions made, it was no wonder.
I send my students to listen, I was disappoint about how little they understand about epistemic problems, no wonder education is so low. Grrrr!
They tend to make of education a technique, not a reflexive process, as such they despised theory as oppossed to "practice" then the only result is that they teach ruled by "common sense". Why bother to spent five years at university if they are only going to reproduce their own school and family experience?. Grrr!
Tomorrow he will speak to the doctorate program, it was my fault meddle with college girls. No wonder they complain at the bibliography I gave them, they lack of critical thinking. Grrrr.
Felt very Snapey today. But I still know I can teach them, at least from my subject (not psychology, thank God)

Have you ever been told not to bite hard sweets?, well I've been admonish thousands I have a broken teeth into three parts, each moving at its one hurt. Hubby will take me to the dentist after his nap. NAP!!!!!!!, my teeth hurt know.

On the funny side, I open our security box (Is small, electronical and useless...huby insist in having one before our economical debacle) What do you think he kept there? Cash?, dollars?, jewells?...nah: A big pot of Nuttella, a hazzelnut chocalate sauce! That is our family wealth.
It amuzed me the idea of buglers trying to open it only to find a half empty jar of hubby favorite sweet.


Sep. 6th, 2004 09:03 am
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Why I always forget to add the second M to remember?.

Yesterday we have A night, now my back hurts like is an age reminder.

This is a question for married ones: Don't you feel that sex get best with years?, in our case it has. Not that we were a boring couple when we start, is just that now is best.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just because I'm in spamming mood.
Like my new icon? It's Kavafis (Well, the movie actor, Kavafis has been favoured by him). It says "You will have understood what Ithaca stands for", but I don't think is clearly writen.

Another poem by Kavafis )

Wednesday I have a powerful talk with a friend. Those kind of talk that I'm sure will mean a turning point in my life.
We met when we were young at college (We were young, free and idealists...and with a democracy to fight for), and now we re encounter at bad university. He is professor there.
While I was waiting huby to end his classes we drink a coffee. Is there something better that coffee at the U patio?
Well, to make short something long , we talk about our intellectual options,(wich, by the way, aren't that separate with practical life); about self censorship in this re emerge of the right wing everywhere.
About the difficulties to make a critic collective (We run from one U to another, without time to think, talk, least publish), and the importance of decisions making.
It was important to me, I was starting to be very cynical.
I don't know if he says anything THAT new, but it was me what change.
Hope come back to me.
I refuse to be a parrot which reproduce knowledge.
I think my re discovery of poetry is related to it, is like a bond with those things that transcended.
I won't let neoliberalism to crushed my hopes. If I teach new generations I will prepare them with high standards, is up to them what they choose but I can't do things just for money, I need to believe in what I do. That is why I choose education, but hope has fly away. Now is shyly growing again.
Need to re enchated huby (the man I love), bills, responsibilities and debts are crushing his ideals too. But, hubby is a Quixote, so it wan't be difficult to awake his lionheart again. (I love the man, did I ever told you?)
Re reading this post sound like is I have any concrete project, but no, is just that I need to start moving, things will come freely.
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Is there anything more stupid than a married couple chatting to each other while being at the same room?. I say it before, I created a monster.
Now I'm to my bed, hope hubby won't want cyber sex, too. Certain things are better off line.
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I've teach hubby how to chat. It was an hour ago...he is still in his PC. God bless our "separated" PC.
What have I done?
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I'm broken, ask mum for money last week, she says she don't have any. Ok, I accept that, she has just spent a month in Capri and Barcelona...
As a birthday gift she give me a real good book (won't complain), a few bucks (not much, but no complain there) and a very fancy and expensive jacket and a sweater as fancy as the jacket. It might cost a fortune! I'm so angry, I need money for paying bills for God sake.
She is usually very generous, but a kind of "paternalist" generosity, she come here with expensive gifts and buy the kids tons of clothes.
If she wouldn't add the jacket and the sweater, I wouldn't be upset. Is not the gift itself, neither the money (Gods know how much I need it), is the gesture, I felt as if I was invisible to her. She don't actually see my need, just see what she want: a fancy daughter, which I'm not, and will never be. Mind you.
I need to pay bills: light, gas, phone, schools. The money that those clothes cost would have do it marvelous for paying some of it.
As for the lovely part:
Kids give me lots of lovely drawings. One with Albus Dumbledore in it. They also brings me breakfast: If I don't developed diabetes would be a miracle. Breakfast consist in a tray with a chocolate bar, a mug of hot chocolate, pineapple with syrup and a BIG piece of cake, and finally, a melted cheese sandwich. I eat it all obediently.
We spend the morning in bed just talking and making plan for the evening, we are all going to visit the museum, and they plead for Mac Donald (which we strictly forbid, not only for the trash food but for what it means to latin people) but for today it will be.
As for hubby, he is very down today, I felt that he is always offend by Mum. Last weekend we went to see POA (at last) as a birthday gift.


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