May. 14th, 2017

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I'm currently reading an old Snape /  Shacklebolt story call A matter of trust by [ profile] kais and [ profile] josan . It's the first time I read this pair and I'm enjoying it. It's a novella set after Goblet of fire events.

In my health front:

It seems most women in my city decide to visit their gynecologist, as I'm unable to make an appointment any time soon.

I'd been shot with my vitamin B which make the brain fog and fatigue recede a lot. I was tired of feeling exhausted all the time. B1, B6, B12 are my best friends!

Career advice:

I met with one of my boy former classmate, a shy bookish girl who wanted to meet with me for career advice. She wants to be a teacher and wants my opinion.
I am a teacher, I love pedagogy, yet I wanted to tell her No! with all my guts. I refrained from doing so, as it is not my place to block her options. I didn't even oppose my own girl decision to go into pedagogy!.
I honestly think it's a hard path to follow, and I doubt at age 18 you even grasp the complexities of said route. What I did, was to present her the good, the bad and the ugly of this career avenue.
I explain to her how happy this career made me and why I'm not teaching at schools anymore. She want's to work in alternative education, so I tried to make her realise what that path involves in terms of life options. 
Pedagogy trends in the era of neoliberalism is much more about standardised test, productivity and the reproduction of inequality rather than social justice, and child centre approaches. It could be really frustrating for someone who wants to make a difference to get into the system. It might well crush her, but isn't her right to try?

It made me feel a little cynic and very old.
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Sometimes I think I give birth to the reincarnation of Saint Francis of Assisi that, or my boy made a poverty vow without me knowing. He is not a penny pincher, far from it; he is a very generous boy. It's just that trying to buy him clothes it's an odyssey. His tennis has three holes on it, and we have to insist on buying him a new one. We are grateful he was gracious enough as to allow us to buy it...we would have like to buy two, but then we know a lost battle when we face it: "What is the point if I will only use one anyway?"
Today, we manage to buy him a hoodie with his tennis:
"It stressed me to go out shopping with you both, always pushing for me to buy more". We don't go against his will, he won't use things we buy him, so we suggest he might need another pair of whatever he is buying.

We always wanted our kids to be austere, but this guy has taken things too far in the austerity department.


The great
Coffeeonthepatio has writen another fic: Eastbank Pharmaceuticals It's still a WIP.


Officer Granger is sent on a mission to observe a suspect in newly developing Death Eater activity 18 years after the war ended.



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