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Feb. 21st, 2007 11:56 pm
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Does anything happend during this last two weeks? Any fandom war? A fic revelation? Something really important? It is too mauch Lj information to cover it.

I hope you all are well.

I brought all you Snape`s fan a present, I take this picture yesterday at Puren's market I couldn't stop thinking in all of you:

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(Sadly it was expensive for me, but people do cook in them)
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To tired to write. Just come back from the weekend from hell.
We went to the beach so Oedipus could breath some healthy air.
The car run out of order in the middle of the rute.
Dominique, one of my best friend, has to wake her children in the middle of the night, dress them to the Polo chill, and rescue us. So instead of being at the beach, we spent three days with Domi who lives at the country side. That was the good part, bad part was that the red car has literally die. We could make some arragenments that cost over million pesos (Dollar is $700 chilean pesos, we earn $600.000). We will sell it, and at least finish to pay the car debt and the arrangement.
Also, we sleep in the worst bed ever. They are called futon, and are japanese. Achh, hate it.
Oedipus wake both nights at 5:30, and never slept again.
A good thing was, that a couple of parents from my daughter class, were near Dominique's house (small world) and offer to bring her and the bags to Santiago (where we live).
So we arrive today by bus, and start looking at the silver beetle keys for picking Athenea jr....only to find out that they were at the red car, two hours away from home. Can I curse?

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May 21

May. 21st, 2004 01:13 pm
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We, chileans, "celebrate" all our fails.
Today, a "brave marine" who disobey his superior, and take a cheap ship (La Esmeralda) and try to drown a big peruvian ship during a war on XIX is the motive. Of course, everything was a disaster. And we lost in a shamefull way. So we celebrate something called "The Navals Glourious day" (snort).Never understand military path of thought(Maybe is something like catholic martirdom heritance).
Well, the good thing is that is holyday and we will be marching to the beach.
Kids has been doing origami's ships all morning, more usefull than our glorious Esmeralda. I´m trying that they understand that we didn't win that battle, and that peruvians aren't bad people at all.
Bless the school system for it's stupidity!.
I ask the kids to pack two of their favorites toys to the beach. Athenea jr, pack two books. Isn't she cute?...or weird?... prefer the cute option. I used to be as bookish as her.
Little Oedipus pack to teddy bears, one for playing and one for sleeping.
I like the beach in winter, winter is my favorite time of the year, well, we actually are in autummun but with winterly climate this weekend. The moist, the greys colors, the issolated beach. Woow, I love this disobidient marine, he gives me a weekend!!!!!
Well, yesterday rains. I love rainy days! They make me happy. It was also a good thing, because, we was in "enviromental emergency", meaning that smog was in extremly dangerous levels. Kids are coughing in an awfull way, but once the step in the beach they get well. It has a mathematic exactitude!
I'm content and relax. And May is ending, that means that I'll survive this semester.


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