Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:17 pm
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Of course my dreams of an uniterruped reading was asking to much. Not because of my kids but for my boss and his evil kickside who asked me to go to the office on Saturday morning, meaning I was at Santiago at 18 hrs not 10 in the morning at first planned.

Still, there are lot of passages I TRULLY enjoy.

Will go spoiler hunting and making comments on your journals.
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Dad gift me with $US 93 for books; a friend will travel to Argentina (Library heaven) next month, so I need to decided what books would I ask him to bring me. I jst cant make my mind, I'm like a dog at the butchery:

For the time being this are the selected ones:

Johnatan Strange and Mr Norris (In Talca it cost four times more than in Buenos Aires)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger's The Number Devil, in an attempt to make Athena like maths.
At School, a sociology of school experience by Dubet
Didactique Transposition by Chevallard
The Formation of the Scientific Mind by Gaston Bachelard
And maybe Pandora's hope by Bruno Latour and still I have money for a few more books, dificult, very dificult.
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My kids came back from the beach to day. They were all happiness and full of adventures to tell us. Including a sand storm, they went to dunas (sand hills)and roll down.

My little Oedipus brought me a beautiful, made in Taiwan, bottle and told me it was for me to put my French perfume in it (*chuckle*). You know, he has a fancy mother ;)

He warn me about this being a very special French bottle. "Because French knows a lot about perfume" said my wise boy. Is this kind of bottles that spread little drops of perfume in the air.

So I put my cologne in there and he is happy bathing us in French perfume right now. We all stink.

Also I gift my self going to the doctor, I was guessing I wasn't coping well with life. As tradesland has already suggest me, I was diagnosis a panic crisis. He was so sweet, give me some pills (Yeay!!!) , send me to a therapist and remind me to pray. I'm happy to know I finally did something for me.

All in all it was far from my usuall full house birthday barbecue . A quiet, simple and good birthday,
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Today was my first free Saturday. Weeeeee. No work.
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Today is Mª Ignacia 8 birthday. She has turn into a lovely little woman. She was thrilled with her children adaptation of the Illiad and Odissey, and also ask for a Piñata. She still is my little girl.
We have a birthday rite for all of us.
We left the table set in a nice way the night before. We wake up early to prepare a delicious breakfast, and then wake - the all ready awake but feing sleeping birthday person - in that moment we give him/her a present which is by rule, a book. In the case of the kids we tell them how was theday they were born.
We share a half an hour and then we all run in madness not to be late. It is always like that, and we all expect it .

On sunday I'll be recieving all her class (30) and some cousins and family friends at three o`clock. I'm not looking for that. Every year I made expectaculars birthday parties, last year was a Harry Potter one. But know I'm really tired after sinusitis, Social Pedagogy Congress and the end of term/year. Smart hubby - not my favorite pearson right now - invite some friends to a barbecue that same sunday. He say they will help us with the birthday preparation. Sure, I bet.

Yesterday I made my last lecture. There were no tricky questions as I was afraid. Even a Spanish woman ask me for bibliography in etnography issues.

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Well, it turn up to be very nice birth day after all.
The kids and I went to the museum using the subway, for them that is an adventure by it self, we listen to a musician that plays there and bought a cassette of welsh music. They were delight, and the guy was cute enough as to play for them medieval music.
At the museum, they choose a picture and start making their own version (we went with paper and color pencils). Then we go and see a friend of mine that is a clown in the weekends and also have a flower shop. The funny thing is that they always has know her as "Tuck Tuck" The clown, so they don't recognized her at all. I introduce her to them as a new person.
Then we went to the subway again, now we find a violin player, and we spend a few minutes listening to him. After that we went to the library and finally to the
Mac Donald. We have fun.
Tons of people call me, even a school friend I rearely saw.
I was a little upset because hubby slept all day. When we get back, at 21:00 he was still sleeping! Then I remember, in the morning he was having a pain in the neck (not that he is one, ok?) and I self medicate him one of my Fibromialgya pills for muscular aches. I take them like water, they hardly make me any good, for me are "soft" pills ... but they seem to be a little more than that. Poor thing.(I know, I know, I promise not to do that again)
At ten, some friends of us step here without announce, they kept callin but my sleepy beauty never heard the phone. They came with all the dishes for a dinner. Aren't they nice? They brought Lasagna, Red Wine and a chocolate birthday cake.
And for make things better: It is raining!.
Wow, Wow, Wow.
Love this day.
I felt so loved.
My kids, My sleeping beauty husband, my friends. Lucky me.


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